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Week of August 26th

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Important Events for the Week:

Monday, August 26th:
  • Happy First Day of School! ENJOY!!! (Wear your NCE shirt if you would like.....I'm saving it for Friday!)
  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten Students

Tuesday, August 27th:

  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten Students
  • 10:15 - 3rd grade meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice)
  • 11:00 - 4th grade meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice
  • 1:30 - 5th grade meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice)
  • Staff Meeting after dismissal in media center

Wednesday, August 28th:

  • Staggered Entry for Kindergarten Students
  • 9:30 - 2nd grade meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice)
  • 10:15 1st grade meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice)
  • Dual Language Meeting (Kindergarten - 3rd grade teachers) in Media Center after dismissal

Thursday, August 29th:

  • ALL kindergarten students on campus! : )
  • Kindergarten meeting in MPR (with bus evacuation practice)

Friday, August 30th:

  • Surprise by the PTA!


  • Priority - Please see administration/call the front first thing if you have questions about how a student will get home. This is a critical part of the first day/week and please do not wait until dismissal to try and figure it out. We want all kids to get home safely.

  • 10 day count - We will be taking attendance on paper for the first several days and this attendance is critical! Please complete it asap each morning. If you hear anything about students having moved, please let us know. We will make contact to find out where they are! : )

  • Playground Supervision: It is critical for all grade levels to divide up areas where kids are at recess (ex: equipment, field, basketball court) for supervision. Please be actively supervising at all times. This is a time of day when many things could happen and we need to have an adult in all areas. Please also keep students out of the wooded area. As soon as radios come in, we will make sure each School Improvement rep has one in their room to take out each day.

  • Bells Schedule for the afternoon is below:
  • 2:55 Pack-up for 1st-5th, K will dismiss these first weeks to avoid hallway traffic
  • 2:57 Dismissal for bus students
  • 2:59 Dismissal for carpool/2nd run/YMCA

  • Dismissal Supervision Every staff member should be traveling with a group of students at dismissal. Please review the schedule here for the first two weeks! Day one we need all hands on deck! These first few weeks we need to focus on a having an organized and safe dismissal for the entire year.

  • Planbook We will be using Planbook this year for posting lesson plans, however we are trying to make sure everyone is in the system. Just be sure to have solid plans and use whatever format/forum you wish for next week. We will talk more about this during our staff meeting. If you can log into Planbook and would like to go ahead and use that system, please do!

  • Back to School Assembly - This week we (Carla, Eddie, Mandy and Kaitlyn) would like to meet with each grade level in the MPR to read Even Superheroes have Bad Days, welcome new jaguars, and go over hallway expectations and lunchroom expectations. Please see the assembly/grade level schedule above.

  • PLC's - Your grade level is more than welcome and encouraged to begin meeting this week for PLCs. We will not begin official PLC's until next week. We will not begin extended PLC's until we are prepared to cover additional times.

  • Lunchroom - Beginning day one, please be sure you walk your students all the way into the cafeteria and make sure things are settled before leaving them. Also it is imperative that kids are picked up and dropped off at lunch on time so please make that a priority.

  • Public School Works - Don't forget to work on completing the required courses when you are able. They are due for all staff members by 9/30.

  • Grant Opportunities - Here are grant opportunities that were shared at convocation. Please consider applying. I have also shared this with our PTA.

Coming Soon....

Parent Teacher Partnership

Parent Teacher Partnership will take place Tuesday, September 10th from 6:00 - 7:30. We will begin the evening with an introduction to all NCE staff and a word from the PTA in the Multipurpose Room from 6:00 - 6:25. Pizza will be served in the lunchroom. The first rotation for time in classrooms will be from 6:30 - 6:55 and rotation two will be held from 7:00 - 7:30. Please come out and join us for an evening of collaboration!''

Grade level teams should work together to create a short, informative, fun presentation to share with parents that focuses on curriculum and learning goals, not just behavior expectations. What are the big concepts in your grade level that students need to master? Fractions? Informational texts? What can parents do to help their child at home? You may want to share goals for each subject area for the year. Is there a word problem or reading question you could share with them? Think - what are parents always asking about that you would like to share now! If any grade level would like to work with Mandy to help prepare this, email her!

Duties for the Week:

Morning Car Duty - Stahoviak, Rowland, Evans, DePietro, B. Horton, Alvarez, Brooks, Parrish, Avilia

Morning Announcements/Safety Patrol - Woods

Hall Duty - Membreno

Afternoon Car Duty - see first two week schedule here.

IN MPR helping to ensure grade levels are sitting in assigned areas and are following car rider expectations: (Eiden, Gomez, Brennan, Hamilton, Landis, Sistrunk, Exley).

Week One Team: (Sanzone, Loftus, Stahoviak, Ross, Webster, B.Horton, Lippy, Evans, Pegram)

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