12 Days of Stella & Dot

One Challenge a Day, One Prize a Day!

Day Twelve

I can hardly believe we're on our last day of challenges!! This team has proven to be an amazing group of talented stylists! I have loved getting to see and hear new things from each one of you!! I hope these challenges have been worth your while and will move your business forward as we close out 2012 and prepare for 2013. We have so much to learn from each other and I love how supportive this team is of each other. It's a very special thing!

DAY ELEVEN WINNER will be posted on our team FB page tomorrow-- you still have until midnight tonight to post your GROUP HELLO.


The Joy of Giving

Today, we spread some happiness!! The challenge is to perform a random act of kindness by gifting a piece of jewelry to someone you encounter today. Simply select a piece of jewelry you have from the recently retired list (or select whatever you like), wrap it up and then find the right moment to give it away!! It could be a friend in need of some cheer this holiday season, or it could be the checkout lady at Publix who is always sweet to your children. It could be a stranger you see having a bad day at the mall, or a waitress who is especially good to you today. It could be the first hostess you ever had as a stylist who helped you launch your business. It could be your neighbor who always says she can't afford Stella & Dot, or your mail carrier, or anyone who you think would get the warm and fuzzies from receiving an unsolicited gift from you!!

How will this help you move your business forward? We rely on the kindness of our hostesses to open their homes and allow us to do business there. Sure, they might be doing it for the free jewelry, but I often find that hostesses have a sincere desire to help US as well. We rely on the kindness of our customers and every repeat order you get from a past customer is an intentional thought on their end to support us with their S&D purchase. We rely on the kindness of our friends, family and neighbors who, in most cases, helped us start our businesses. It is important to remember to be kind. I'm inserting a portion from our Stella & Dot Manifesto that says it better than I ever could:

We are not in sales. We are in service. We love our customer and work to earn her love. We work even harder to deserve her continued devotion. We answer every email. We follow up on every phone call. We send a thank you note. We surprise and delight at every turn. Exceedingly personal service is our signature. When we are faced with a challenge, we meet it by making a real, personal connection. When we truly listen to and serve our customer, everything else follows. It's not any harder than that.

Because in our mirror, we see people better than they even see themselves. In our mirror, people look at themselves and say, "Wow."

So, take a moment and make someone happy today!!!!

There will be no prize for today's challenge, as performing a true act of kindness means expecting nothing in return. Your real prize comes from the true joy of giving something unexpected:) However, participating in today's challenge will count towards completing 8 out of 12 challenges to win the BIG SECRET PRIZE. If you'd like to share your act of kindness, please post it on our LaCocoDots Team page!

If you want to catch up on any of the challenges, you can post your results on the team FB page, and e-mail me at katy.b.barnes@gmail.com with the subject catch-up.

Katy Barnes, Director and Independent Stylist- LaCocoDots Team