by jamie mendoza

Heinrich Himmler

Himmler was the frist chief of the gestapo. He was born in Munich,Germany in October 7,1900 died in May 23,1945. Himmler went to Munch Technical High School. Himmler returned to his farming afterhe got merred in 1927.

Heinrich mueller

Mueller was born in Munichon April 28,1900. He was the last chief in the Gasatpo. Mueller was a pilot in world war 1. He was involed in alot other criminal affairs as well.

Klaus Barbie

Barbie was born in October 25,1913. He was living next door from jewisand his brother and father were killed. Barbie tortued Lise Lesevre and some other people. He went to jail in 1987. during his time he passed away 4 years after he went to jail from Leukemia at the age of 77.