Colony World


People in the thirteen colonies wore some very fashionable things. One of the very fashionable items is a petticoat. Petticoat's are traveling gowns. Another thing are muffs. Muffs are tubed like accessories used to keep hands worm. Muffs are usually covered in fur, cloth or feathers and are usually padded. These are so of the things the people and children wore.


The Great Awakening was a religious movement that swept the American colonies. It began in the 1730’s and lasted to about 1743. George Whitefield was a minister from Britain who toured the colonies. He went around shouting the word of God, trembling while delivering his sermons. Everyone gathered by thousands to hear him speak. He converted slaves and even a few Native Americans. It was the first major event that all colonies could share, helping to break differences between them. There was no such thing in England, further highlighting variances between Americans and their cousins across the sea. Indeed this religious movement had political consequences.


The fertile soil made 13 colonies flourish with the crops they grow.They also had navigable rivers also abundant forest available.They had many fishing spots and rivers that were abundant with fish.They had a triangular trade route the was meant for certain foods and materials.Many people were shipped as slaves from Africa so they can work on plantations.But they were by force and they were caught by other Africans.


Charter Colonies: is one of three classes of colonies established in the 17th century. A crown colony or known as a “Royal colony” was a type of colonial administration of the English and later British. The government was ruled by a Monarch. Proprietary colonies such as Delaware,Pennsylvania,Maryland it is ruled by a British government.


Most boys and girls in the northern and middle colonies went to public schools and southern colonies mostly had private tutors from Ireland or Sweden, because they had large plantations and made tons of money.