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News for the week of August 16, 2021

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Good Afternoon Tiger Families,

Our first full week of school is in the books and we survived! There is no tired like first week of school tired. Rest up this weekend and we will do it all again next week! Again, I encourage all students to get in bed early to be rested up for a week of fun filled learning. We are getting routines down and things are beginning to run smoothly. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation during the beginning of the year.

As COVID numbers rise, we have students in quarantine. Your student's teacher will be in communication as to keeping up with instruction and assignments. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Hope everyone has a great week and stay well!,

Dr. Luttrell

Important Information

  • All students eat breakfast and lunch free this school year. If you would like for your child to eat breakfast please arrive by 7:45 in order to allow time for them to eat as class begins at 8 am.
  • When dropping students off at side parking lot in the mornings, please DO NOT turn LEFT out of the parking lot. Right turns only during drop off and dismissal.
  • Please utilize Front circle for morning drop off as soon as the PreK sign is gone - usually around 7:35.This helps keep our lines moving.
  • When you make the choice to be front circle or side parking lot during afternoon pickup, you must keep that same pick up location all year.
  • Please DO NOT get out of your car in car line to help your student get out of or in to the car. If you need to do this, please pull over in to a parking space.
  • Please pay school fees ASAP. Fees -$15; over the counter - $5;
  • Computer protection plan for grades 3-5 - $30. The protection plan is very beneficial if your student incurs damage to their device. It is very costly to repair them without the protection plan.
  • Our Open House for families will be September 16th at 6 pm.
  • Cub Scout leaders will be at TV August 19th at 8 am to provide interested students students with more information.
  • TV will not have a Girl Scout troop this year unless a leader becomes available.

NO LEFT TURN at side parking lot

During drop off and pickup times from side parking lot, you will no longer be able to make a left turn out of the parking lot. Right turn only back on to Luther Street to Tusculum View Access Rd.

Water Bottles

Reminder to send in student water bottles EMPTY. Also, please put water bottles in your student's back pack in order to secure them. It is very difficult for students to manage their back pack, computer bag, lunch box, and a water bottle.

Please return any books you got from the Book Bus. There is a bin in the main lobby of our school.

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Fall School Pictures

August 30th

Make up/Retakes - September 27

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Cub Scouts

Scouting is coming to Tusculum View Elementary this week. Parents, get ready to see what adventures Scouting has in store for your family. Join Night is this Monday, August 23rd at 6:00pm at Trinity United Methodist Church.


Bus transportation

If you have questions about bus pick up or drop off times or need to add bus transportation, please reach out to Kristen Rollins at 423.787.8003. If you are changing your mode of transportation that you selected during registration, even if for just one day, you will need to submit this in writing to Mrs. Mary before it can be changed.

We cannot accept a phone call to change to/from riding the bus, walking, or pick up. Thank you for your help in this matter. Safety of our students and getting them home to you is our top priority!

Car Tags

To ensure the safety of students, all car rider vehicle’s picking up students MUST have a car tag issued from our office. Only a parent or guardian can obtain these from the office, but will need to distribute them to whoever will be picking up your student(s). All persons with a car tag MUST be on the approved pick up list. If a car tag is not present in the vehicle, the driver must park and come in the office to check out the student with their driver’s license and be on the APPROVED PICK UP LIST. If you have not gotten your car tag, please come to the office and pick them up prior to the 28th. You receive the following at no cost - 2 for car riders, 1 for bus riders, and 1 for walkers. Extras are $2 each. Only a parent or guardian can add or remove individuals from the approved pick up list and must do this in person at the office.

Car Tags will be available for you to come to the school office starting on Monday, July 19th. The school office hours will be July 19-20 (8:00-3:30), 21-22 (10:00-6:00), 23 (8:00-3:30), 26 (11:00-6:00), 27(10:00-6:00), 28-29 (closed), 30 (8:00-4:00), August 2 (8:00-6:00), 3 (8:00-3:00). No Car Tags will be issued on August 4th due to this is a day for new students coming in and parent meetings. Reminder you will need to do this prior to August 4th.

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal

  1. Arrival -- 7:15 - 7:59 at side parking lot. School begins at 8:00. If you arrive after 7:59, you will need to go to the office and sign your student in. If you arrive after 8:00, you will receive a tardy.
  2. If you have questions about your bus, please call the school.
  3. Dismissal Time -- We dismiss each day at 3:00. First, walkers. Next, car riders. Finally, bus riders when buses arrive.
  4. Due to possibility students or staff needing to be picked up due to sickness, we will need to keep access to our building open as much as possible. Car rider vehicles may begin lining up at 2:55 at the front circle and side parking lot. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.
  5. ESP will be available for all students. If any parents are interested, please call the school office 423-639-2751 so an ESP packet can be sent home with your child. Students can stay for ESP the day the packet is completed and turned into the school office. Be sure to send a note letting us know your child's change in afternoon dismissal plans.
  6. Transportation -- If your child changes their transportation from one day to the next a written note MUST be sent to school with your child in order for us to get your child to the appropriate location without confusion.
  7. No Left Turn out of Side Parking lot during drop off or dismissal.

Please practice with your child buckling up and unbuckling in your car and any car that students may ride in. Students should strive to being able to unbuckle themselves and get out of their cars in the morning and get in their car seats and buckle up themselves in the afternoons.

Dismissal will occur at the front circle and side parking lot at 3:00 pm. Please refer to the following traffic flow guide. PreK vehicles line up at 1:20 (front circle) and K-5 line up at 2:55 pm (front and side).


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Please remember that we will not be able to allow vehicles to begin lining up in our parking lots or the side roads until 2:55 pm for afternoon student pickup.


If your child misses a day a school, per policy you must submit written documentation to the school office within two days of the child returning to school. You are allowed three parent notes per semester.

    1. Several ways to submit your written documentation
      1. Send written parent note, doctor, dentist, or therapy note with your child to school. Your child will give the written note to their teacher and it will be sent down to the school office.
      2. Email your excuse to Mrs. Mary at freshourm@gcschools.net
      3. Fill out the Online Absentee Reporting. This is found on Tusculum View Website at the top click Report Absence. Remember to give the reason why your child was absent from school.
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If you have had a change in address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts, please contact the school at 423.639.2751 ASAP to get your information updated.


Visit our school store to get Tiger apparel to show your school spirit and Tiger Pride! You may purchase and pay on our site. Merchandise will be sent home with your student when it arrives.

TV Online School Store

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