Woyle Dragons

Dragons created by Mr. Doyle and Mr. Luke /w traits

Why make dragons?

Dragons are a ancient mythical creature from the medieval times. We choose to create dragons because of the awesome tales. We have created the dragons with specific traits so that you can see the traits change between dragons and determine the parents traits. We tried to make them as close to the dragons from the tales best we could. We think you will like them.

Male Dragon


•Chin spike- aa

•No nose spike- Bb

Eye mixed- ER

Red/Yellow skin- SY

No wings- XmY



No chin spike- AA

Nose spike- bb

Eyes both- ER

Orange skin- SY

Wings- XMXM

The main reason I wanted to do dragons!

I (Mr. Doyle) wanted to do dragons mainly because of my favorite game "Skyrim". When I was thinking of something we could create I was listening to the Skyrim trailer (video under this).
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay Trailer