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The majesty of the Yangtze

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Victoria cruises has many ships such as the Victoria Anna our largest and most luxurious ship. The rest of the fleet are the Victoria Grace, Jenna, Katarina, lianna, Sophia and Selina.

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Our Victoria Cruises has a wide variety of Chinese gifts and souvenirs. You'll find destinations, oriental clothing, Victoria logo items, post cards and more...


We have an award winning dinning experiences at our Dynasty Dinning room. We have a Chinese Buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We serve Western and Asian food


On board we have many exciting things to do. We have fashion shows that presents some of China's fashions dating back to the Han dynast.

You can also learn Tai chi chaun a type of boxing or combat.

We provide ingesting lectures on Chinese history.

On our ship we have cabaret shows. We perform singing, dancing, and music!!!! And also you the passengers have a chance to preform your own acts.


Victoria Cruises - Yangtze River Cruises
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