Lewis and Clark

"They explored the Louisiana Purchase"

Lewis and Clark information

Lewis and Clark were famous explorers that explored the Louisiana Territory.

William Clark was born on August 1,1770 on a large plantation in Caroline County,Virginia. Clark grew up on the Ohio and Kentucky frontier. He served as an officer under Meriwether Lewis in the army. Born on August 18,1774,was named Meriwether Lewis. He was trained to run his family lands,at age 20. Lewis joined the army. Clark became Governor of the Louisiana territory and went for first Governor of the United States but lost to Alexander Mcnair. Lewis died in 1809 and Clark died in 1838.

In 1803,Thomas Jefferson hired Meriwether Lewis to explore the Louisiana Territory. Lewis asked William Clark to explore with him on the expedition. Jefferson told Lewis and Clark that it was important to write records. Lewis and Clark set out on the journey in 1803,and returned in 1806. Lewis recorded new plant,animal,and other new species. Clark drew maps of the ground around them. Lewis and Clark were to write notes about the expedition. The men and Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805.

Lewis and Clark were talented men. Lewis wrote notes about the animals and plants. Clark drew maps of the landscape around them. The two captains (Lewis and Clark) were to send back reports of their discoveries. Lewis and Clark were adventurous. They explored the Louisiana Territory. They made friends with the Native Americans. They traded items with the Native Americans.