#WE Rise

Links to Remote Learning for August 25, 2020

Are you becoming in-de-pend-ent?

Hello friends! Welcome back to day 4 of remote learning. We love the way you're learning your routines and becoming independent! When you're independent, you can do things all by yourself on your own. Are you able to log in to your chromebook all by yourself? Can you do DreamBox and RAZ all by yourself? If not, just keep practicing. It takes a bit to learn new things.

If you're having technology trouble, please reach out for help. We've shared some logging in help here, but you can also complete our tech help form or call directly. We're here to help!

Parents, our chromebook cases have arrived! Please let your teacher know when you would like to pick your case up. We can deliver them to the lunch line if you let us know in advance.

Parents, also note that in order for us to count your child in attendance, we must verify that the student is engaged (completing and submitting assignments), on pace (participating in the virtual classroom), or receiving academic/emotional support (directly from the teacher). If this isn't happening, your child will be counted absent. Please make sure that your child is submitting work and that you are communicating with the teacher daily. Thanks in advance for your help!

Email your jokes to Mrs. Spears!

Please click the pics below to view our MEET THE TEACHER, SOAR EXPECTATIONS, and REMOTE LEARNING PLAN links. This information is for parents and students.

Click the picture of your teacher below to get your day started!

Taking Care of Your Chromebook