Ms. Collodora's News

Here's what's hip-hop and happening in our room! Week 24


This week we practiced the -ike and -ide word families.

Reading and Writing

Landforms and more landforms! We started our new theme called “From Mountains to Oceans.” We have been learning about the the different landforms and places we’d like to go to see these landforms. Too bad Minnesota doesn’t have any mountains! We also looked at National Parks on Friday and what interesting landforms and animals are apart of them!


We took our Topic 11 test on Wednesday and boy was it hard! These are tricky concepts and I encourage you to continue to work on them at home! We are starting Topic 12 on Monday and it is all about comparing and ordering numbers up to 100!


We are ready for our next engineering unit! This one is about a girl named Yi-Min and the Great Wall of China. We are going to read her story, which will help us with our engineering challenge. Next week we begin exploring materials and finding out our engineering task! It will be messy! :)

Friendly Reminders and Fun News

Elsee and Mason were our Engineers of the Week.

With February being I LOVE TO READ month, if anyone would like to come in and read some of your (or your kiddo's) favorite stories, WE'D LOVE TO HAVE YOU!! It is always fun to see mom or dad or even grandma or grandpa come to the class to read us a story! Let me know if you'd like to and we can figure out a day and time!!

I am leaving the link to Seesaw up for you to check out, if you haven't already! We added a new piece to our journal this week: a video of us counting by 5's to 120! Now, this is our first time using it, and we are still getting used to how it all work and how to take video and using loud voices when we record, so they are not our personal best work (yet). We will continue to add to them and if you download the app, you will be able to see your kiddo's work!

Next Wednesday, the 24th, at 10:00 is our Character Parade! Please have your child bring their costume and book. Feel free to come and see everyone! We'd love to have you come and cheer us on!