Diary of Anne Frank

Mr. Frank

Otto Frank

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About Mr. Frank

Otto Frank was born on May 12 1889, in Frankfurt am main Germany. His family went into hiding in a secret annex above his office. He had two daughters Anne and Margot. Was the only person in his family to survive. Otto died at the age of 91 from lung cancer.

Theme one

In the diary of Anne frank “faith is the key to living” is seen throughout the whole time when they were having to hide. One day Miep didn't come which was a weird thing for all of them. While they were worrying about Miep not coming the phone rang. Mr. Van Daan told Mr. Frank to answer it. Mr. Frank says no because he didn't want to anyone else besides Miep and Mr. Kraler to know that they were up there hiding. Mr. Van Daan started to argue with Mr. Frank and Mr. Frank says “ if we wait patiently, quietly, I believe that help will come” (430). Mr. Frank had faith that they would get help.

Theme two

In the diar of Ann Frank friendship / family is seen throughout the story of Ann Frank. One time when family/ friendship is seen is when Peter says he doesn't have any friends and Anne says "does that mean you can get along without me? I think of myself as your friend" (422). Even though Peter was feeling like he didn't have any friends Anne trie to make him feel like he had friends. Another time was when Mrs. Frank got mad at mr. Van Daan and tells him to leave and Peter says "I'd have to go if father goes" (424).