A Fun Social Wesite For Kids

What is Webkinz?

Webkinz in a fun, website that you can go on to have fun. You have to buy a stuffed animal, about $15.00 each, but you can get a free dog or cat. Become a Deluxe member, and unlock features others can't have. You can buy clothes, play games, and much much more. You can have a tour on the website.


Quizzy's Corner

Quiz yourself with some fun trivia! Choose your age and then choose your subject. You have health, science, language arts, social studies, math, and a lot more. Fun, fun, fun!


Some of Your Webkinz Hosts!

Really Kid Friendly and Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Kinzcash?

It is like the money you earn. You can buy things with it.



I like Webkinz because it is kid friendly. Webkinz rocks!