2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

A Reminder about holiday traditions:

Advent and Christmas are a wonderful time for families, and every family has their own traditions and customs regarding Santa, Elf on the Shelf, reindeer, and so on. As we move further into the season, many students are excited and naturally talking about their traditions at home. If a student already knows, a gentle reminder to them to keep that to themselves would be much appreciated. I will continue to refer all questions back to you. Here at school, we continue to focus on Advent as a time of preparation for the birth of Christ, and we will celebrate the feast day of Saint Nicholas.


I have made a change to the spelling sentences assignment for this week. Expect to have this assignment changed up pretty regularly as we work to integrate learned concepts and ensure that students are absorbing material in a meaningful way. In so doing, I hope to help them improve their ability to apply their new skills. I am sensitive to how long this assignment can take, and I will keep the length of the assignment in mind as I make those changes.

Students have 15 words this week. Their assignment is as follows:

Select any three words, and write a 5-sentence paragraph using a four square. Topic Choice - How are you preparing for Christmas? -or- Tell me about your Christmas Tree.

Write the remaining 12 words 3 times each, sorted in columns by their suffix.

Bonus: Draw two word cartoons describing any two spelling words from the list.

Word List: sadly / helpful / kindly / hopeful / slowly / thankful / wishful / safely / useful / softly / harmful / harmless / goodness / careful / careless

Plus Portals

Have you checked your Plus Portals lately?

This week in Religion

Our weekly rosary continues, and we will be praying the Joyful Mysteries for all of Advent. We have also started our virtual Jesse Tree, which the students are enjoying very much! We have used it to explore more fully the differences between the Old and New Testament, as well as how the Old Testament stories lay the groundwork for the coming of Christ.

This week in Math

Work continues to progress on regrouping. Students are learning not only HOW to regroup, but WHY we regroup. This underlying understanding will help students to tackle more difficult concepts moving forward.

This week in Language Arts

This week in language arts, we read a story about teamwork with the Alvin Ailey School of Dance students. We also learned to annotate our reading during Wednesday partner read, which is a skill we will continue to develop and refine. (Relatedly, if you've got post it notes laying around the house, I think we're going to go through my stash pretty fast!) We have also explored what makes a complete sentence, and have expanded our practice of building paragraphs. You will see this reflected in our new spelling homework this week. I expect the assignment will likely take about the same amount of time, but is structured very differently. I want the students to work on their ability to structure their thoughts and then write, as opposed to stream of consciousness writing. If you're unfamiliar with a four square, you can find a good image at right.

This Week in Science - Simple Machines Continued!

Levers, wedges, pulleys, wheel-and-axles, inclined planes and screws are all designed to make work easier and reduce the amount of force required to accomplish something. We wrapped up our study and review of simple machines this week.

Next week, we'll begin our lessons on sound! :)

Saint of the Week

Our saint of the week is Saint Lucy. The feast of Santa Lucia is a often accompanied by a beautiful ceremony in many Scandanavian countries, and we will be doing our own version of a Santa Lucia procession down the school hallway on Friday morning. :)