The One Room Schoolhouse

Academics in the PAst

How it ALL Started

A public education system came about by Pennsylvanians who couldn’t afford private school. They came to the realization of how much their children needed to properly be educated.

In 1913, one half of the country’s children were going to one of the 212,000 schools.

In each schoolhouse, the number of students could range from a couple to up to 20 in all 8 grades. This meant that the teacher had a wide variety of lessons to teach. Some would advance and do higher grade level work.

Life in the Country

Childrens life on the farm was normally very bland and grey. School gave them a chance to expand past that, meet friends, find role models (students looked up to the teachers), find an interest and something they liked to do, and be more of a child like we think of today.