Poetry Unit

By: Kaitlyn Venenga


"Shine until tomorrow." -Sean Patrick Flanery


Play in the splashing water
Sit under the setting sun
Sing the song of joy
Before your life is done

And know that now is the moment
For life to take a turn
So dig deep in each layer
And see from it what you can learn

For this is the magical moment
So drown deeply in its beauty
And know only with zest
You can amazingly perform life's duty

So choose your theme carefully
And decorate your beautiful life
And learn to solve the puzzle
To overcome obstacles that survive

Just start the process of change
And grow and learn today
Before your life meets its end
Find plenty of encouraging ways

To take the challenge of time
And sit under the sun of joy
And sing melodiously with hope
And learn life's techniques to enjoy.

Seema Chowdhury

TobyMac - Speak Life (Lyrics)