Rome And The United States

Rome's Economy Collapse

Rome's economy collapse was due to the Romans creating taxes and taxes becoming more and more expensive. They had a bureaucracy which means that they had social tiers in their government, and it became hard to support that and the military establishment. Then the reliance on the slaves stopped the Romans from inventing new technology. Farmers left their lands and middle class people went into poverty. So overall the empire itself declined and diseases took over the entire empire.

United States

I don't think that the United States are suffering from the same thing as the Romans are because the tax on things aren't really going up its just how much we put in to it, and how much debt people put themselves in. We may have a bureaucracy like them but that doesn't change taxes for the lower or upper class men. We also don't have slaves anymore so that will make a difference in how we do things and what we spend our money on.