Karmel sanders

Rainforest location

There are two types of rainforest there is a temperate and a tropical they are located in the pacific Northwest of the U.S.A. They are both indangered. The biome is found near earths equator. The rainforest is in a very hot climate. The rainforest biome is located with the birds and the snakes and the deer and ect.

General characteristics

The general characteristics are that they have a lot of trees. They have animals it filled with grass where ever you look there is green. There are about 15 million species of plants and animals.

Weather and climate

The weather & climate in the rainforest is its always raining that's why it's called the rain forest. The climate is warm and abundant moisture makes tropical rainforest suitable. The weather besides just rainy is hot humid the conditions make the tropical rainforest and good healthy environment.


Temperate rainforest are also wet, but not as rainy as tropical rainforest. It rains about from 60-200 inches (150-500cm) each year. The rainforest fog provides about 7-12 inches (18-30*C) of rain each year. The temperate rain forest is a lot cooler that tropical rainforest.


Rainforest are important to animals and the maintain of ther global. The actual weather pattern is rain and evaporated water from trees


The rainforest does not really have mountains. It has tall trees that place is really dry. The rainforest does not really have mountains it's on flat land it has nothing that has hills or ect. The rainforest is very green place as we all know but they have plants flowers ect. They have beautiful plants & trees it is amazing.

Bodies of water

There bodies of water are streams, rivers, lakes, and swamps. There are like no really basic kinds. Plus these rivers and swamps Carr thing around that pretty cool


The canyons are beautiful & they have water falls and they go down to the streams. The water is very clean and pretty. The water also carries to the lakes. Heavy rains make it flow so well and the water get higher when the weather changes.


The island that they have is the Caribbean vacation paradise. The have Hawaiian w

Vacation places and lots of others. They are very beautiful and big.

Catastrophic events

There are a lot of fires and they burn a lot of things. Which happens in the amazon and it affects the poor animals. Most animals died in those fires.

Human impact

The human impact is when the fires break out. They burned down many acres to have room for there selfs. Many of acres are lost because of the impact the humans put on the rainforest.


Rain forest animals are home to half of plants and animal species on earth. Scientist believe that there is such a great diversity of animals in the rainforest because they are one of the oldest ecosystem earth. Animals in the tropical rainforest are specially adapted to live in this unique environments.


One type of plant often found in the rainforest is a epiphyte. Epiphytes are plants that live on the trucks and branches. They often grow on trees to take advantage of the sunlight in the canopy.