Trench Warfare

Marisa Schaldach

Website Summary

The Great War began in 1914, and ended in 1918. The allies, Britain, France and Russia were against the Central Powers, Austria-Hungary, Germany and Turkey. The United States did not join the war until 1917. As usual, people believed that the war wouldn't last long, but they soon realized that it would be a long and drawn out war.

There was not just one cause for the war. Many factors started a "snowball effect" causing the start of the war. Improvements in economics and power around the world, sparked countries to become jealous of each other. Immediately countries formed their alliances. New styles of war fare were also introduced to this war such as the use of gas, and new heavy weapons.

New Technology

  • Machine Guns- became very popular at this time, were attatched to ships, air crafts, and used on land for mass distruction.
  • Poisonous Gas- did not kill instantly, but made death slow and awful, was very popular and very deadly.
  • Tanks- improved as the wars went on, became a bigger and more safe way to travel and attack.
  • Airplanes- became and popular and easy way to attack from over head and made it easier for traveling.