The Sinking of Lusitania

Nhu Nguyen


The construction of the Lusitania began in 1903. With the horse power of 68,000, it pushed through giant waters at the speed of 25 knots. It was built for carrying war ammunition to other continents.

History of the boat.

It left the docks of Liverpool to New York in September of 1907. The boat carried a ton of magazine and gun ammunition. The boat was built because of the war itself. On the way back to Liverpool, the boat had trouble

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Attack of the Boat

On the way back, the boat was near Ireland when they got hit by a torpedo. The torpedo came from one of Germany's U-Boats that were under the water. A second explosion came out of nowhere and then chaos occurred. The ship was hit and passengers were all falling. Lifeboats were already submerged in the water, most of the passengers didn't make it.

Basic Information

There were two attacks, the first one struck the boat, the second one did damage to the inner liner of the boat and caused it to sink.

In under 18 minutes it was finished.

1,119 people died out of 1,924. Out of those 1,119 people, 114 of them were Americans.

The attacker was Walter Schweiger, he was the captain of the U-Boat.

One of the wealthiest men tried rescuing the nursery but had failed. The babies drowned.

US Involved

With the amount of Americans that died, Woodrow Wilson got angry and he became involved in the war, within two years. Woodrow Wilson was the president at the moment, he protested against the Germans. America was enraged at Germany's destruction of the Americans death.

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