Winter Break To Do List

We will be back before you know it!

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1. Remembering the Hardin Family

May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time

Mr. Hardin lost his father on Thursday night. Please keep the Hardins in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with their loss.

I will send out more information as it becomes available.

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2. Enjoy Your Vacation!

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3. Celebrate

Good News...

Melissa Knox is the December 2014 Employee of the Month. Please celebrate with us today as we recognize her hard work and dedication to the Kindergartners and others of Forest Heights. She is flexible and works from morning to evening to make sure that our boys and girls get 110% of what we can offer.

We didn't celebrate Melissa this month, but we will celebrate with her all of January. Melissa will receive a free Zappetizer from Zaxbys and dinner from Texas Rhodehouse for her accomplishment.

Congratulations Melissa!

4. Rest and Relaxation Order!

Rice Says:

I hereby order each and every one of you to rest and relax over your Winter Break.

It is YOUR winter break. Let school be school and home become home again...if only for two weeks.

5. Enjoy a freebie!

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5. Celebrate Some More!

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Welcome Enyla Jones - 8 pounds

7. December Birthdays!

I didn't have any on the calendar. . . Please let me know if we missed you!
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Optional Teacher Workday

Friday January 2nd