1:1 Device Enrollment

Gettys Middle School - Easley, SC

We're Excited About Connecting Students and Technology!

  • Device distribution will occur soon!
  • 6th and 7th grade students will receive Samsung tablets
  • 8th grade students will receive Chromebooks

The tablets come with Internet access for home through a grant our school district received last year. Digital learning is really transforming our students' classrooms and their learning and we are glad to have this resource!

To enroll students in our technology device program, Tech It Home, we need parents to complete two items prior to their child receiving a device: sign the Tech It Home Agreement, which includes parent permission, and pay the required $15 device insurance fee. The links below will allow you to easily complete both of these items online! If you wish to pay cash instead of making an online payment, your child’s homeroom teacher will collect the $15 fee and provide each student with a receipt.

All families should complete these items between Monday and Friday, August 28 to September 1. We will begin device distribution following this collection period.

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Gettys Tech It Home Agreement

In order for your child to receive a Chromebook or tablet each year, a parent or guardian must review the Tech It Home User Agreement Plan, complete the form linked here, and pay a $15 fee. You can pay all fees by using the MySchoolBucks link below.

MySchoolBucks Online Payments

Pay fees online to avoid delays. The $15 Tech It Home fee must be paid before a student receives a tablet or Chromebook.

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Cash or check payments can be given to homeroom teachers starting August 28 and ending September 1. Checks should be made payable to Gettys Middle School.

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