South Haven, Michigan

The Blueberry Capital Of The World


South Haven is a tourist town where lots of people come because of its attractions. There are a variety of restaurants, the North and South pier, the Harbor on Lake Michigan, and many other things. For education there are over 5 school and 1 college. South Haven is a very safe town and a great place to live. If you have not visited South Haven before its a awesome place to go on vacation to.


Lots of people move to South Haven because of its climite and some people move there because of the harbor. It's a very pretty place and thats why a lot of people move there. However if your someone who prefers hot better than cold this is not your place. South Haven goes through winter and summer.


South Haven is located at 40 degrees North and 90 degrees West. If you were to travel there the address would be South Haven, MI United Sates. It's on the southwest side of Michigan.

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Like other places South Haven goes through all seasons fall, winter, spring and summer. South Haven you can go to one of the stores in and in the summer get flip-flops and in the winter a winter coat. If you live there you would have everything that you would need.


The Black River goes though South Haven and its on Lake Michigan. Like I said before South Haven is a BIG tourist town. It is also in two counties, Allegan and Van Buren. There is a lot of blueberry picking too! Southhaven is near Bangor, Glenn and Pullman.