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Renata - Your karmic direction in life

We each have a pair of karmic nodes in our birth chart which show us an important area our soul wants us to develop in.

The North Node represents our soul's goal in this lifetime whereas the South Node represents what we should do less of - it's more about our past, early life or where we fall back to as a comfort zone.

Renata, your karmic direction is Aquarius

A tendency to become attached to the drama of romance and personal relationships, to be willful and overly focused on getting what we want, and to resist being "one of the crowd" in an effort to stand out as unique and special.

With this position, let go of expecting partners or others to act as we want them to act, to accept that we are all equal and that we can still be special if we belong to a community, to move towards greater impartiality, and to cultivate sensitivity to the needs of others.

By letting go of the strong desire of getting what we want in the here and now, satisfaction will come more easily as we find that we get what we need. Learning to let go of the need for drama and attention, and moving towards a more objective approach to our lives, as well as cultivating true friendships, will help us to achieve a greater sense of balance. Our relationships with others—as well as our relationship with ourselves—will benefit.

Tips on how to work it from The Nodes ebook by Michelle Falis -

  • No longer letting “The Diva” be your public persona.
  • No longer letting “Pouty Teenager” be your public persona.
  • No longer being a public entertainer.
  • Learning to have less ego involvement with your public identity.
  • Putting less emphasis on finding a public outlet for your creative self- expression.
  • Embracing what you have in common with your family members even while you remain a unique individual.
  • Learning to embrace what is unique about your family.
  • Learning to love the quirky, inventive and rebellious tendencies that lie within you.
  • Getting comfortable with feeling different inside.
  • Finding out how your uniqueness gives you roots.
  • No longer needing that high profile, in the spotlight, attention.
  • No longer needing to be the boss.
  • Making room for unpredictability in your home life.
  • Acknowledging that your family is different, and that’s okay.
  • Realizing that, even though your family is different, there are many people who have similar experiences.
  • Putting the needs of the family group ahead of your own need for creative self- expression.
  • Learning to chill out about your home life.
  • No longer being so demanding of your parents or the other authority figures in your life.
  • Beginning to feel that you are part of the human family, or, beginning to feel that you are part of a family that extends beyond the human family.
  • No longer being so concerned with your public popularity.
  • Making a place in your life, away from public attention, where you can experiment, invent and simply let yourself try things to see what happens.
  • Building a lab in your basement – a food lab, a stereo lab, an art lab or even a writing lab...or a healing lab! (spiritual technology is something I know you love and have quite a lab going at home hey Renata - wonderful)
  • Learning to distance yourself from the passionate feelings that cloud judgment about your place in the world and your relationships with your family members.
  • No longer needing attention for your grand parental relationship drama.
  • Becoming less territorial in your profession.
  • Stepping down as the reigning authority on public image, being the boss, and parental relationships.
  • Getting out of the dominating shadow of your parents.
  • Discovering your unique emotional security needs.
  • Realizing that it is your friends that make up your real family.
  • Learning how to be friends with your parents.

Life purpose crystal trinity - based on your first name

Another useful overview of our direction in life is found in our life purpose crystals, which are based on our first name. They show us our key shadow energy, human level purpose and higher soul purpose (see for more info).

Your shadow crystal represents a key weakness that the ego uses to distract you from your life purpose and thus higher purpose. You can work to master it.

Your life purpose crystal is the goal you have chosen for your human level self - the reason you are here and what you may offer others.

Your higher purpose crystal is the goal of the higher soul. You master it more and more based on your ability to carry your human level purpose though your heart and spirituality. People will be attracted to you for your higher purpose crystal's energies.

You can take these as liquid crystal drops over 21 days to work with them more deeply. Having the physical stones around is good too, as is gazing at the symbols.