printed advertisments

how to make an ad

Head lines- It is the first thing poeple see it should be bold to catch peoples attention and make them read your ad .

Illustration- The important thing is tol inclued the product. Most people try to appeal to emotion because that is what most people repond to.

Copy- Talks about the product there are a couple of types of copy feature, benefits, claims, comparison, uses, and testimonial.

Identification- Is add to encourage action which is what you want your ad to do. the most coom types are wedsite, logotype, and telephone.


The price for printed ads is based on CPM.Which is cost per mil (1,000) which is found by dividing the absolute cost by the target audience then multiply by 1,000. Absolute cost which is the cost of every thing you pay for the ad. You add the cost of the ad to be place in a magazine or newspaper and the cost to make it. That is the total cost.

all types of print ads

Magazines and newspapers

Magazines are more expensive than newspapers because they are in color and last longer. Also because of the matrial that the are made of which makes them last longer also the size is different . They are also more expensive because they have better quality also need more money and time to be made newspapers are more simple. Newspapers are cheaper because the are made out of paper unlike magazines this makes newspapers cheaper because they don't last as long. They are also in black and white. Also the quality is different magazines are better.

how to make cheaper

Run of page- Is when you don't pay extra to be placed in a certain stop in the newspaper or magazine. You just pay for the ad placed in the newspaper to be put in any extra space.

TAP- Is when you buy many slots for your ads in a certain amount of time. Your ads are shown through out that time. Since you bought in package it is cheaper.

Sliding scale- basically buying in bulk like at sam's club it is cheaper. The more you buy the less it is a discount.

how to make your ad effect people

Touch- Anybody who sees your ad has been touched by it.

Frequency- Is the amount of times someone sees your ad.

Reach- Is how many people see your ad.

Two types of reach broad many different types of people is your target audience. Narrow only a very specific amount of people are your target audience.

If you want your ad to be effective the most the you want to reach a ad in the middle of both reach and frequency. This is called effective reach.