7/8 News from the CORE


HOEDOWN DANCE - This WEDNESDAY from 6:00-8:00 in the gym. Students should purchase a ticket from Mrs. Jarrett for $5.

REPORT CARDS - They are in your student's Tuesday folder. Please sign the envelope so your student may return it tomorrow with the Tuesday folder.

FALL BREAK - no school for students on Thursday, Oct. 15 or Friday, Oct. 16

FALL PARTY - October 30 will be a day of activities and learning about the historic "Dia de Muertos" holiday celebrated in Mexico, as we end our month-long celebration of Hispanic Heritage. The last two periods of the day will end with a carnivale, including snacks and pinatas. We are needing help with this event. Please email if you want to help.

Ms. Cerna, Language Arts,

Our first quarter has come to an end. It is time for all of us to walk into the second quarter of our year. A couple of quick reminders are in order.

1. Even though students are using the new Tracking My Reading pages, they still have to pick their books using the genre option sheets that were handed out at the beginning of the year. These genre option sheets should be placed in the sheet protectors in the TMR folder..

2. Planners will be required in my class. A planner can keep the parents caught up on upcoming events. If a student does not have his or her planner for class, I will be contacting parents, then having meetings, and finally involving administration if necessary. Thank you for helping your child remember his or her planner daily.

3. Books that we will read as a whole class that are due in class this week:

7-2, 7-3 Coraline by Neil Gaiman

7-1 Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer

8-1, 8-3 Frankenstein (unabridged)

Students will have a pacing guide and reading assignments as of this week.

Next week, I will send the results of your child's MAP and STAR testing for this school year. My plans are to include a short explanation of where your child is in regards to grade level abilities and state frameworks. I am not sure whether my plan will come to fruition, but I will give it my best effort.

Thank you for supporting your child and for helping us make sure he or she is having a positive, growth-filled year.

Ms. Jarrett, Social Studies

7th grade: Students are learning about Canada's geography, its people, its industry, as well as how and why people first settled there. We are using our time in the computer lab this week to investigate Beringia, the land bridge which once existed between Asia and North America. Next, we will be moving on to discuss the Great Lakes region.

8th grade: Students are completing an essay "Art in the Early 1800s: Nationalism", which features analyzing Crystal Bridges works and finding evidence of pride, culture, and ingenuity in America as it becomes a stronger country. Next, we will be discussing literature and music during this time period. Information about National History Day will be coming home in next week's Tuesday folder, which will also include a timeline. Topics and plans will be due on October 26th and will require approval by both a parent/guardian and me.

Ms. Walker, Science

I'm sending out a HUGE THANK YOU to the Campbell and Comer families who gave money to purchase Science World for our classroom!!! I am very excited about having this resource to use in our studies. Science World always has articles that are relevant to what we are studying, and about topics that interest teens.

Next week in 7th grade, we are moving from Newton's Laws to Energy Sources. The focus will be converting energy into usable energy and also looking at alternative energy sources and how they can be used.

In 8th grade, students finished a WebQuest for Plate Tectonics. They created a powerpoint presentation of their findings. Next week, we will continue with the forces that change the Earth, transitioning from Plate Tectonics and the Continental Drift to volcanoes, earthquakes, weathering processes, etc.

Ms. Welch, Math

7th and 8th Grade math classes will be starting an integer project this week. This is a big project that will be worth 140 points. Students will receive information in class on Tuesday and Wednesday regarding the project. You can find most of the same information provided in class, on this website The website contains many details about the project including a timeline. For more details please see the information provided to your student in class or visit the website. **Math tutoring is available each day from the end of school until 3:30.