August 21-August 25

Week 6 :)

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Teacher Announcement!

I am thrilled to finally be able to OFFICIALLY announce that Mrs. Lloyd will be filling in for me while I am out during the 2nd quarter. She has 2 grandkids that attend HES, has done numerous maternity leaves the past few years at our school, and taught 3rd grade for about 15 years. She will provide great consistency for the kids while I'm out. The third grade team and support staff will support both the kids and Mrs. Lloyd, as needed, as well- but I'm confident that she will be able to provide the kids with the learning environment and experiences they need. I'll look forward to getting back in January, but am glad to know they will be in such great hands.

First Quarter Conferences

If you have not yet signed up to meet with me for our first quarter conference, please use the form below. If none of the times on the sign up work for you, please email me and I am happy to work out a better time! I'm happy to hold a phone conference as well- please just indicate where you put your child's name that you'd prefer a phone conference. I'll confirm via email to be sure I contact you at the correct number.

First Quarter Conferences Sign-up

Gandalf wants to come home!

Odell- Our Bearded Dragon!

Odell Thunder Jr. is looking for an intersession home!

I will send you with enough crickets to feed him over the 3 week period and a whole bunch of greens. Each day, he eats about 5 crickets in the morning and 5 crickets in the afternoon. In the morning, I fill his dish with his greens and carrots. He loves matchstick carrots, a mixture of collard, mustard, and turnip greens, and he has gotten pretty used to me sharing my apple with him every day, which he races for as soon as I put some in his tank. I swear, he stares at me when I take out my apple until I share some with him! He would then come back to school after intersession, but I will not be there to help with the delivery. We could arrange for Mr. Zatt or Ms. Sinicrope to help!

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The Solar Eclipse!

We are so fortunate to be in school on this awesome occasion. All 3rd graders (in fact the whole school) will receive solar eclipse glasses to protect their eyes during viewing and our dismissal. Third graders will take part in a Solar Eclipse day! The students will rotate to each of the 4 classrooms to participate in an activity related to the solar eclipse or the solar system. Since we will be dismissing during eclipse time, the district is encouraging students to wear a ball cap (or other some kind of hat) during dismissal so that they have some extra protection.

What's up in Reading?

We have really worked hard to build good reading habits to start the year and now we're beginning to learn the important intellectual mind-work that reader's do in order to really understand what they read. Last week, we discussed how, when, and why reader's make predictions, raising the level of our predictions. This week, we'll work on writing and recording book talks.

Adventures in Math

In math, we will be working to set up a fundraiser to collect can pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. The unit will involve place value, addition, subtraction, organization, and how to problem solve. I am super excited about this unit and think the kids will enjoy it! Please feel free to collect pop tabs and send them in!

Authors at Work

To begin the year, we learned about the components of the writing process and published our first unassissted writing pieces. Last week, we begun our first official writing unit. Our first piece will be a personal narrative. You can help your child come up with story ideas by asking them to think of memories they have, and having them tell the story so they remember it.


-Set a reading goal of 20 minutes or more each night.

-Math sheet (4 problems- due on Friday)

Solar Eclipse!

Monday, Aug. 21st, 2:45pm


Early Release

Wednesday, Aug. 23rd, 11:30am


Science Fun for Everyone- In school field trip

Friday, Aug. 25th, 10am


No School- Labor Day Holiday

Monday, Sep. 4th, 7am


Last Day of Q1

Friday, Sep. 15th, 8am