Housing in Singapore

Past, Present, Future

Singapore's housing in the past

Tiong Bahru is built in 1930s. First project undertaken by the Singapore Improvement Trust. Its street named after chinese pioneers of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The facilities are park, carpark, shopping malls, swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, hawker centre, school, fitness station, playground, skyscrapers, tall buildings, wet market, supermarket.There is many memories for the people living there as childhood, adulthood memories.

Most of the interviewees responded that they have stayed in Tiong Bahru since they were young and they find it convenient of staying in Tiong Bahru as Tiong Bahru is in business district they can go to shopping mall,Orchard.They reach their destination easily by just walking to it for awhile. One even said that they do not want to leave or move away from this place as it is precious to them as the place itself has contain their childhood memories.

Singapore Housing In The Present

The present of Singapore's housing, Sengkang is relatively new in the city of Singapore.It compromises 4 major neighbourhoods. There are many high rise buildings such as HDBs, Executive Condominium and Malls.
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Singapore's Housing In The Future

As we are getting more and more develop in areas like technology, more ideas on housing and buildings and will be getting more and more exclusive but will be affordable for those low-income family. People may not like the changes in the future if we change their neighbourhoods like upgrade their buildings or reconstruct the buildings as it contains their childhood memories and they would like to preserve it and to show it to their younger generation of the places that they have stayed before or lived before and also to remember their childhood memories. So the only choice will be build more higher and more buildings. Some may have different views or thoughts, they might agree on the upgradings around them like changing outdoor facilities into indoor facilities or outdoor playground into indoor playground as it will be more safer or the types of housing . However, we must also not forget about the elderly and the children, we can create more better facilities that are suitable for them.