The Amazing New WP Earphones!!!

You can wash them 100 times and they won't be ruined!!!

Kalli Greer: Owner

I have washed so many earphones I have lost count. So when I made the first pair of WP Earphones 3 years ago I haven't gotten another pair and I have washed these 5 times

Are you tired of buying new earphones over and over again after you wash them??

Then..NO MORE!

You can wash the WP Earphones all you want and they wont be broken or ruined!!! You will never buy anyother earphones again once you try The WP Earphones!!!

The WP shop is open Monday-Saturday from: 9a.m-10p.m. We are located on 8765 Gulf Freeway, Texas City, TX. We deliver to the U.S, Mexico and Canada. Our phone # is 469-245-6034.

These are just a few of the Earphone designs for sale!!!

Our earphone prices!!

Our earphones range from $5.99-$10.99

They are cheap but the still work great. They have the same quality as the best earphones you have ever seen. And we don't charge 100's or dollars on earphones that will last for a lifetime. You will never have to buy earphones after you wash them again. They will never ruin after a wash or any other wash after that.


Our store has plenty of workers ready to help you with your earphone needs. All of the workers have a collage education of electronics and are ready to help anytime you need new earphones.
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