Mary Lynch Newsletter

March 2023

Spelling Bee District Winner

Congratulations to Timothy Hawthorne, our school and district spelling bee winner. He will compete at the Nebraska State Spelling Bee on March 18, representing Kimball Public Schools.

Congratulations to these spellers as well for being the best in their grade.

4th Grade - Gianna Yannacci

5th Grade - Katie Hawthorne

6th Grade - Kyndal Reich

Upcoming Dates To Remember

Thursday, March 16 Parent/Teacher Conferences - 4:30-8:00 p.m. Invitation Only

Friday, March 17th - Student Dismissal at 12:50 p.m.

Friday, April 7th - Easter Break

Monday, April 10th - Easter Break

Tuesday, April 18th - Family Engagement Night -5:00-6:00 p.m.

Week of April 24th - NSCAS/NWEA testing

In the Classroom


We are finishing our building study next week and will begin our insect study! Students have learned who makes buildings, what buildings are made of, and how to make buildings sturdy, and we were even able to tour a construction site! Pictures below.

We will be doing parent-teacher conferences for ALL parents! More details to come soon!

We also had a great time decorating Valentine's Day Cookies. Pictures below.

Junior Kindergarten

For the month of March we are going to focus on the letters, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy. and the numbers 20-24. We had fun celebrating Dr. Seuss week together by wearing fun socks, hats, stripes and pajamas, also reading many of Dr. Seuss' books which helped us listen to rhyming words. We are working hard counting this month, if you could please count with your child out loud to 20 that would be great.

Parent/ teacher conferences are coming up next week, so watch in your child's folder for the schedule. See you soon.

Big picture


Vowels and consonants are the highlights in Kindergarten right now as we are practicing building words to read and write. We keep learning new high-frequency words, so be sure to keep practicing these at home. Shapes, shapes, and more shapes are where we are heading in math and we are learning about all things weather in reading! This is the last month for Book-It, so make sure you're reading and marking the calendar!

Kindergarten got to take a trip to the Dentist for Children's Dental Health Month. A big thank you to Kimball Family Dentistry for letting us visit the office and learn all about our teeth! Check out our pictures below:

We celebrated Read Across America Week and Dr. Seuss the first week of March! We loved reading Dr. Seuss books, playing "Red Fish, Blue Fish" blindfolded, eating a special snack, watching a movie, and making noise in the hallway for "Hop on Pop"!

Special Events:

Parent Breakfast @ Mary Lynch - March 10th

Parent Teacher Conferences (INVITE ONLY) - March 16th

Kindergarteners Having Fun at the Dentist Office

1st Grade

In First grade we have been exploring informational text and facts, in reading. In math we have been expanding our addition and subtraction as well as counting to 120.

We are looking forward to continuing to focus on informational text throughout the month of March, while working on more difficult addition and subtraction problems.

We had an awesome Dr. Seuss week that was full of smiles and laughter. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible!

For Parent-Teacher Conferences we would like to remind parents that these are invite-only. You will be receiving a note if we would like to meet with you.

Enjoy our fun photos below!!

2nd Grade

Math: We have been working on measuring objects using customary and metric units. We have also been working on solving length word problems. We have started working on gathering data and using it to make graphs and line plots.

Reading: We have been working on comparing and contrasting two texts. As well as reviewing over author's purpose and identifying morals to stories. We will be working on identifying the main idea of a selection.

Social Studies: We are learning about first American settlers and settlements.

In Science, we are starting to learn about the plants and animals in land and water habitats.

Make sure we work hard to the end. Keep reading and practicing math facts at home. Second Graders are working hard on their Rocket Math. We also had a great time with our Valentine's Day activities.

3rd Grade

In third grade students have been learning about fractions in math; while working on opinion writing, proper adjectives, and possessive nouns. In March we will be working on using different strategies to order fractions before moving to the next chapter on telling time.

We would like to thank the high school students for coming to read to us for Read Across America Day. Thank you!

Please join us on March 10th for Parent Breakfast

Be on the lookout for conference invitations which will be held on March 16th. Conferences are invite only this time around.

Big picture

4th Grade

With Ms. Dorrell fourth graders are writing a hero story, where the main character becomes a hero over the course of the story. Their main characters may be human or animal, and may even be alien!

Many 4th-grade students are in the thick of working with fractions. They are making connections, but experiencing them outside the classroom will really help to make them real and applicable. If the opportunity arises, please have your child help you in the kitchen with different measurements of ingredients. They could also help with various to-do projects by picking out appropriately sized tools, such as wrenches.

Conferences are coming up soon. They are by invitation, so not every student will bring home a meeting time for us. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss and did not receive a scheduled time please email us and we can set up a meeting.

5th Grade

Fifth graders in Ms. Dorrell's class are writing mystery stories. They need to create a mystery and then solve it, carefully leaving no loose ends that leave the reader confused. Their main characters will likely be human, but might be animals.

Many 5th-grade students are in the thick of working with fractions. They are making connections, but experiencing them outside the classroom will really help to make them real and applicable. If the opportunity arises, please have your child help you in the kitchen with different measurements of ingredients. They could also help with various to-do projects by picking out appropriately sized tools, such as wrenches.

6th Grade

Sixth graders in Ms. Dorrell's class are writing a growing up life lesson story. These stories may be about friendship, loss, families, etc. Their stories may come from their own life experiences or imagined experiences of others. More than likely, their main characters will be humans.

Physical Education

In Physical Education we have wrapped up our hockey unit. We made it through without any major injuries or tooth loss, however we did gain some bumps and bruises along the way. Next up is Jump Rope for Heart and Bowling.


Hello from the ELITE after school program! The month of February was filled with arts, crafts, cooking, dodgeball, Legos, and plenty of fun! The kids wrote letters to our pen pal after school friends from Bayard, and we had another fun lesson with Amanda Filipi from the Wildcat Hills Nature Center. Due to the Wednesday schedule change, Amanda will not be able to finish out the school year, but we will look forward to seeing her during our summer program!!

This month we will be starting the Walk To Unlock Nebraska program. This virtual program combines physical activity along with learning historical, geographical, and agriculture information about our state.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Thank you for letting us have fun with your kids!!

Marcie Pratt, and the ELITE staff: Ms. Barbi, Ms. Julie, Mrs.Wurdeman, and Ms. Ashley. *Mr. Mohr/substitute


Join us on March 30 and 31st for our Kimball Public Schools Art Show. You can see the 5th and 6th graders "Pinch Pot Plants", a few pictured below, a funny clay-mation created by 4 6th graders. The Art Show will be in the Junior Senior High School Student Center from 5-8 both days. I look forward to seeing you there.
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Legendary Longhorn

In first grade, Abigale MacDonald and Sapphira Baber are demonstrating what it means to be a Legendary Longhorn. Abigale joined our class recently and she has been doing a great job in class. She is always kind and respectful to anyone and everyone. While Sapphira is always positive, helpful, sweet, and responsible. Way to go Abigale and Sapphira!!!

Cashlyn Culek strives every day to learn and do her best work. Her positive attitude and helpful personality brighten the classroom. Thank you for being demonstrating Legendary Longhorn behavior Cashlyn.

In Kindergarten we would like to give a shout out to Kamryn Shaw and Killian Reeve. These two have shown great growth when it comes to working hard and participating in classroom activities. Kamryn has stepped up in being a great friend to her peers and in being a classroom helper! Killian has learned how to be patient and understanding with his peers and teachers. We are very proud of the Kindergarten students they have become!