Transition Tips and Reminders

Fall 2016

Inviting outside agencies to meetings

Please remember that outside agencies must be invited to all junior/senior IEP meetings and sophomores who are 16. You can always invite an outside agency earlier if you feel it is appropriate. Release of Information forms must be signed before each meeting or at the beginning of the meeting if parent gives permission and it is documented in the Parent Contact log.!2315&authkey=!ADq8OhA-SVqXzRI&ithint=file%2cdoc

Beside the three outside agencies listed below, Ranken Technical College can also be invited for any students interested in attending a technical school after high school graduation.

Jeremy Sutton


What Can DVR do for My Students?

DVR provides a variety of services:

  • assist with career investigation
  • assist with looking for a college or a particular program at a certain college
  • assist with paying for college (financial guidelines do apply)
  • provide job leads
  • practice interviewing skills
  • practice/reinforce basic employability skills
  • assist with completing transition assessments to determine career interests
  • approve Discovery & Exploration - to assist with determining employment readiness and to allow students to job shadow in a variety of job shadowing opportunities
  • provide job coaching when a student requires that level of support on the job
  • for Juniors - 6 weeks of paid Summer Employment
  • funding for job placement services

IEP Present Level Example

Click on the link below to see an example of a middle school and high school present level. Each section of the present level is broken down into its basic parts. It lists what should be included in each section of the present level and even gives a few examples of how to write them.

Formal and Informal Transition Assessment examples....

Click on the link to see four different examples of information that could be contained in the "Formal and Informal Age Appropriate Transition Assessment" section of the present level.

ACT Accommodations

ACT accommodations should start being listed on IEP's starting no later than Sophomore year. Yes, you can list them for freshman if they plan on taking the ACT early. You should also list them for all seniors who plan to take the ACT again with accommodations as documentation must be provided when they apply.

The process for an individual to request accommodations on the ACT (other than the April date for all Juniors) has changed. The student/parent must register on-line ( When registering, they must request to take the ACT with accommodations. ACT will then send them an email indicating that they requested accommodations. That email must be sent to the department chair of your high school. Together we will login to the ACT system and provide all the required documentation. Both the parents and ourselves will receive an email confirmation of any approved accommodations.

Robin Yuede - Transition Specialist


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