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Boys Go Missing.

This morning, the Sawyers and Harpers woke up to the missing presence of their sons, Thomas and Joe. Most of the people suppose they went swimming, like the boys usually like to do, and got caught in a current and drowned. The presence of Huckleberry was also absent, so he must have went along as well. I don't believe that the boys drowned because their bodies where not found. I think that they went off in the woods to play a game of hide and seek, and went in too deep and got lost. Hopefully, they are alive and well.

Twain's Perspective

Question #1: Mr. Twain, What inspired you to write Tom Sawyer?

Answer: "I got my ideas from my one childhood. I got myself into quite a bit of trouble as a kid."

Question #2: Mr. Twain, Where did learn to write using such creative word choice?

Answer: "I loved to read. The more I read, the larger my vocabulary became."

Question #3: Mr. Twain, Who was your favorite character to create and why?

Answer: "Injun Joe, because it was fun making him the evil villain."