Prison Life Of Alcatraz

America's Worst of the Worst Prison Ever!


Alcatraz was created by Juan Manuel De Ayala a Spanish Explorer.The prison was in San Francisco Bay.In 1775 was when the prison(Alcatraz) was made and people got send there for breaking the rules or robbing a bank or something else.Sometimes prisoners got stressed out that they kill themselfs.

Prison Life

Prisoners had only a couple of personal items in their cell,but people used their personal items to dig holes in the wall to escape Alcatraz.In 1775, an Spainsh Explorer,Juan Manuel De Ayala was the one who started the prison in the San Francisco Bay to protect San Francisco.

The Great Escape

3 men were the great escape which were Frank Lee Morris Inmate # 1441,John William Anglin - Alcatraz Inmate # 1476,Clarence Anglin - Alcatraz Inmate #1485 were the only men that could escape the worst prison ever.Bernard Coy was the man who made a “homemade bar spreader” to escape Alcatraz.The Prisoner try to open the metal bars but the attempt has failed.


If prisoners didn’t finish their food they would get punished for wasting food.Prisoner would to the "D-Block" which the trouble makers would go but it's dark in there and people would scream and cry for help.
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