French Settlements

By: Galvin and Daniel

Who were the people that came to Canada from France?

New France a colony of France for 150 years and during that 10,000 people came to Canada. These people were fur traders, indentured servants, members of the military, farmers, Frenchmen, Officers, Men of the colonial regular troops and women sent by the king.


When and where did the french first arrive?

The first European settlement was in 1604 at St. Croix Island (in present-day Maine), then in 1605 at Port-Royal, in Acadia (present-day Nova Scotia) the other one that the french had came to later on was in 1608 at Louisiana and Quebec city.


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French explorers!!!!!

Why, what and how did the french contribute to Canada?

In 1608 the french came as fur trader and gave/traded fur with the natives and to colonize the region for fur trading. Then in 1620, 12 years after the fur trading posts were established, there were 60 colonists that had permeant trading posts. The success of the French was a huge accomplishment and was related to their relationship with the native people. But then later on French had started having wars for the land and then there were many years of war between the French and the Iroquois.


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Fortress of louisbourg !!!

Who and why did they built the Fortress of Louisbourg?

The French had built the fortress of louisbourg in 1713. They had built it mainly as a port of trade and also because it was a good spot the fish since it is mostly foggy and when it is then the fish come to the shore. They also choose that location because it was very close the atlantic ocean so many people can come and see what they have to offer. They also built a fortress to defense against the British invasion at that time. But they still didn’t have any intentions to have wars and is similar of how military bases are seen today. The site also looked quite defensible.

-Galvin and Daniel

Where did they build the fortress

The French built the fortress in Louisburg which is south of Sydney, east of Prince Edward island and north of Quebec Location was key for the French while they were building the fortress because they wanted a place that was close to the ocean because the people who would come would be travelling through water, since they didn't have planes back then so the people traveling in the water can see what they had to offer.


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When did they did they build the fortress?

The French started to built the Fortress in 1710 and they finished by 1713. The exact date is not given when they fully built the structure but it does say what year they had completed it that was 1713


How and What happened to the fortress of louisbourg?

Exactly why they did the following is not clearly given. On May 11, 1745 four thousand New Englanders came ashore. The royal army blocked the harbor so no-one can enter or exit the fortress. But with Forty-six days of land and sea trying to destroy the fortress it left them with breached wall and all of their powder stores depleted. But then again in 1760 it was attacked again and then it was completely destroyed. The site stayed un-touched until now when they re-constructed the fortress, so many people can have the feeling of the past.

-Daniel and Galvin

The Glorious French... Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia