Bronco Bulletin


May 6, 2016


PTA Luncheon and Gifts

We had 21 winners in the PTA drawing today! We've given the prizes out to a bunch of happy people! I know I speak for all of us when I say how lucky we are to have such a great PTA! Please be sure to say thank you when you see them!

Kindergarten Registration and Round-Up

As you may have heard, we had a huge turn-out at K registration last night!!! Therefore, we will need a few more volunteers at next week's K Round-Up (6pm-7pm). If you have not met your 3 evening requirement (or if you have and are willing to volunteer anyway), we need you! Please let me know if you are willing to volunteer to help our K teachers on this evening. Email me ASAP so we know we have enough coverage. You will be helping the classroom teacher do an activity with our newest Broncos.

May 12th IF/Professional Learning

Literacy IF will be in the ART room on Thursday, May 12th. Kyle will be on a cart for his specials.

A few updates to the EOY Checklist.

Because our Awards Days are now over 2 days, teachers will eat in their classes on May 23 AND May 24. Instead of Tuesday, ALL support staff AND teachers will do lunch duty on Wednesday, May 25th (the last day of school). I have made the adjustment on the EOY checklist. May 25 Teachers eat with students in café. (All classroom teachers and support staff need to do duty this day.)

Special Areas RBES meeting will begin at 11:35 (not 11:30 as originally stated). May 17

RBES group meetings- during planning- PLC Room. (Special areas will begin at 11:35.)

*I will resend the checklist. Please throw away the original. Thanks!

Staffing Update

Sonam Patel has accepted a teaching position near Savannah, GA where she and her husband will be living next year. She will finish the year out here at Gwin Oaks. We are sorry to see her go, but wish her the best of luck!

AttenDANCE Celebration

Our 2nd semester perfect attendance dance party will be on the last day of school in the gym. Please send students who had perfect attendance for the entire second semester to the gym at the times listed below.

8:35-9:00 2nd Grade

9:05-9:25 3rd/4th Grades

9:30-9:55 5th Grades

10:00-10:25 K/1st Grades

*K-2 classes scheduled for PE that day will have PE outside with Cheree. 3rd-5th grade classes that have PE that day will be in the gym for specials as normal.

*This will not interfere with the 5th grade picnic celebration that begins on the playground at 10:30.

*All teachers and support staff available any time between 8:35-10:25 need to meet me in the gym to help cover the party. Thanks!

Specials Changes-

Next year, we will have a few changes to our specials classes. Each grade level, based on number of teachers and availability of staff, will look a little different. See below for the description at each grade level.


K- 6 teachers, no split

Tech Jr (Beth)






1st- 6 teachers, 1 split






2nd- 6 teachers, 1 split

Tech Jr- Beth





3rd- Beth, 7 teachers, 1 split

Keyboarding (we will come up with a cute name)- Beth






4th- Jennifer/ Sharon, Beth, 8 teachers, 1 split

Keyboarding- Beth


Technology- Jennifer/Sharon





5th- Jennifer/Sharon, Beth, 7 teachers, no split

College and Careers- Beth


Technology- Jennifer/Sharon





A Few Additional Updates from SIT meeting (updated minutes in One Note if you want more detail)

Peer Leaders- BHS Peer Leaders' last week is week of May 16th. If you are planning for students to make cards or say good-bye, may want to play around this date.

Coke Machines- Vendor has come to check and repair all machines (money was getting stuck). He's going to check on us often! Let me know if you have problems. (If you don't tell me, I can't tell him, and they stay broken! He's really nice and wants to take care of us!)

Cafe- 35 more chairs have been ordered to help with having enough chairs for lunch. Angela's team is now in charge of setting out all chairs in the morning before lunch begins.

Substitutes Keys- Procedure begins next year- Sub keys will have a color coded cover and will be on a Gwin Oaks lanyard. Each set of sub keys will have one trailer key (the correct one) and one door key. When subs arrive in the morning, they will give their car keys or ID to the person sitting at the receptionist desk in exchange for a sub key. Their keys/id will be secured in a lock box. When they leave at the end of their assigned time, they will trade the substitute key back for their car keys/id. This will allow them to lock your classroom throughout the day and to move in and out of the building without needing to buzz. Questions, ideas, or concerns, please send to Lee Ann.

Upcoming Building Weekend Hours

Saturday, May 21st 9am-3pm

Sunday, May 22nd noon-4pm

Awards Day Lunch

Please follow the early release pick up lunch schedule for Awards Day May 23 and 24.

A little humor.... and then some Milestones Updates

Beth Blakely collected these quotes from a third grade class. Here are the responses to the question: What are things that are worse than Milestones?

Robber stealing your money

Dying in a volcano

Having to go "down there" (the opposite of Heaven.)

Being murdered

Getting run over by a rain

Burning up in a fire

Getting caught by the devil

Being a slave

Sitting on nails

Everyone dying but you

Everyone being happy but you

Losing your best friend

Getting squished by an elephant

Now, seriously, you've probably seen the news about the state's decision to not use Milestones as a part of promotion requirements. Therefore, Gwinnett has rewritten promotion guidelines and summer school information. Info will come out ASAP!!!


Please follow the steps below for our Year End Bar-Coded Textbook Inventory

Step 1: Put all of your bar-coded textbook materials on your book cart. Please make sure the bar-codes are all facing the same direction. This includes teacher editions.

Step 2: Push your book cart into the hallway first thing in the morning on the day you are assigned.

End of the Year Textbook Inventory - Check-in Schedule

May 9

K, and 1st as well as Davis, Haile, Capps, and Webb.

May 10

2nd, 3rd, and 4th as well as Pagan, Belcastro, June, Black, Brown, Bradley, Layson, Zickefoose, Collins, and Fields.

May 11

5th as well as Miller, Carney, Rhea, and Bratescu.

Students may still use their textbooks; however, do not let students take their textbooks home once we have scanned them. The books will need to be put back on the book carts at the end of the school year.

Please make sure students who have textbooks at home know to bring their books back by this date in order for you to have all books on your cart the day we come to scan them.

You will get a list of anything you are missing after scanning is complete.


A section has been added to the End of Year Party Schedule in OneNote for you to indicate whether or not you need food from the cafeteria that day. Please update so Tammy will know how much food to prepare. Thank you.


It is important that you check the SPG and DDA tabs for schedules, dates, locations, and proctor information in OneNote. All directions are there for all certified staff in grades 1st-5th and several parapros. Student rosters will be placed in your boxes next week. Please let me know if you have any questions at any time for clarity. Each grade level is different. I've listed the break down for each level below. Reading and Math assessments will be online unless there are read aloud accommodations for specific students. Science and Social Studies will be scored using the document camera for grades 3, 4, 5. Again, let me know if you have any questions.

PK, GAA grades and Kindergarten Rubrics--halos--return to my office for scoring

1st, 2nd, 3rd--Math SPG

3rd--Science and Social Studies DDA--return used copies to Beth and scored halos from your document camera

4th--Music, Art, PE SPG, and Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies DDA

5th--Reading, Math, Science, Science, Social Studies DDA

DDA scores are entered into grade book upon completion


May 9 - 11........Textbook Scanning

May 9...............Carmen Deedy Author Visit - 3-5

May 9...............Running Club

May 10.............Math IF - Art Room

May 10.............Reading Celebration K-2 8:30-9:10

May 10............ Reading Celebration 3-5 9:30-10:10

May 10.............Retirement Celebration - Cafeteria

May 10.............Dogwood Pizza Night

May 10-12.......BOGO Book Fair

May 12.............Literacy IF - Art Room

May 12.............Kindergarten Roundup 6:00

May 13.............All Books Due to Media Center

May 13.............2nd Grade In-House Field Trip - Gym - 10:55-11:55 and 12:55-1:55

May 13.............Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

May 13.............Relay for Life

May 16.............Class Lists for Rising K

May 16.............Media Center Volunteer Party

May 17.............Albert's Wedding Shower

May 18.............Field Day Grades K-2

May 19.............Field Day Grades 3-5

May 19.............GOES Staff Kickball

May 20.............RBES Results Due

May 20.............Field Day Rain Make-up

May 21.............Building Open 9:00 - 3:00

May 22.............Building Open Noon - 4:00

May 23.............Awards - 2nd (8:30) & 3rd (12:00) - classes eat in classrooms

May 24.............5th Grade Parade (8:20)

May 24.............Awards - 4th (12:00) & 5th (8:30) - classes eat in classrooms

May 24.............5th Grade Promotion Ceremony at Grace Fellowship Church

May 25.............5th Grade Picnic (10:30 - 12:00) - Playground

May 25.............SPG's Post Assessments Window Closes

May 25.............LAST DAY OF SCHOOL


Congratulations to Lauren Ochs! Lauren is a life saver to both her students and colleagues! She always has a friendly smile and a positive, energetic attitude. Her positive attitude then shines through every one of her students who are willing to share a hello in the hallway. She is always willing to listen and help with anything that is given to her. She is a great friend and life saver every week!


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Labs and Student Laptops

The lab/cart schedule has been updated with the current DDA and SPG testing schedule.

I am HOPING to have as many classroom computers back in your rooms by Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience and understand during this busy online-testing schedule.

End of the Year Equipment Return

Please KEEP your bag that your laptops are in so that you can turn all student laptops in them at the end of May.

Please be on the look out for any extra laptop chargers. Look at home, in your laptop bag, and cabinets. Please turn in ANY extra cables you find around your room. You are responsible for turning in all items or you will need to replace them.

NO Student BYOD the last week of school.

Classroom Supply Order

Each year teachers are given an allotted amount of school funds to purchase supplies for the upcoming school year. These supplies must be purchased through county approved vendors (eProcurement catalog or Office Dimensions catalog). Now is the time to take inventory of what you already have and ONLY order what you still need for your new classroom. Please read over the directions and funding amounts for your 16-17 Classroom.

Teachers please make individual supply lists to assist you in dispersing once the supply order arrives. Do NOT include items that are already provided in the vault that Gretchen orders on a regular basis, ex. sticky notes, pens, etc.

Grade levels 1-5: Please submit ONE order for the entire grade level.

ONLY Kindergarten and Special ED should submit individual orders to Gretchen.

In order for supplies to be ordered accurately please follow this example for submitting your order: If every teacher orders a box of crayons then the order needs to state that the grade level needs 7 boxes of crayons, not 7 individual orders for boxes of crayons.

1- Log onto the portal

2-Click onto Tools

3-Then select eProcurement Catalog

4- Select supplies

5- Press Submit

If supplies requesting are not available in the eProcurement Catalog you may order from Office Dimension (see Gretchen for catalog)

Please keep in mind:

-This is a max, not a required spending!

-Please ONLY buy what you don't already have.

-Do not order regular office supplies that are maintained in the Vault (where the paper is stored)

Non-Classroom Teachers -$25

1-5 -$60

Kindergarten $100

Special Ed -As per grade level

Specific Questions about funds -please see Gretchen

* Resource teachers order with your regular Ed class. IF you need something for your small group let Gretchen know.

All orders use the same link -

Orders are due by May 20th.

Finally IF you don’t fall in one of these categories PLEASE email Gretchen!


Grades are due Sunday, May 15th, at 11pm

Terri will print verification sheets Monday, May 16th

Verification sheets are due to Tonya on Wednesday, May 18, by 4pm

Awards Day letters go home Thursday , May 19th

Awards Day is May 23 & 24

Report Cards go home May 25th

Handouts are available in Everything GOES in the C&I.

Also be aware that the parent portal switched over, too. Therefore, no grades are posted in the parent portal after May 25th. Only in student course history.

Assistive Technology End-of-the-Year Procedures

Special Ed, please view the End of the Year Procedures for Assisstive Technology


Educators with a New Degree Upgrade, conferred in May or June, must have their application to the Certification Department by June 13, 2016. See Sherry for the forms.

Brookwood Schools Foundation - BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction

Brookwood Schools Foundation

FYI for teachers- This update is going out in Mighty Oak next week and on our website. It's already on our FB page.

Bid now for front row seating at our Awards Day ceremonies and/or 5th grade promotion! Options available for grades 2-5!

View on www.biddingforgood...


Updated summer address and phone numbers link


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Come see the season finale of Northeast Atlanta Ballet's Beauty and the Beast. The dates are Friday, May 20 @ 7:30 p.m. and Sunday May 22nd @ 3:00 at the Gwinnett Infinite Performing Arts Center. The shows are family friendly and filled with talented girls from our school and cluster. See these dance moms for tickets:

Leigh Blakely

Tiffany Taylor


Maxwell High School of Technology is hosting our annual Middle School Summer Camp May 31st-June 3rd. The flier in the link below states the camp is for current middle school students; however, we also welcome current 5th graders as well.


Gwinnett County Public Libraries will be *closed the week of May 9th through May

15th.* They will be upgrading our technology resources and introducing a new service

model. Customers may return materials in the book drops, but access inside

the building will be closed. It reopens on Monday, May 16th*.

Beginning May 16th all Gwinnett County Public Libraries will be open on the

same schedule: Monday through Thursday, from 10 AM to 8 PM; Friday and

Saturday, from 10 AM to 5 PM; and Sunday, from noon to 5 PM.


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Time-Sensitive Offers

These offers and promotions have expiration dates noted below.

Graduation $50 offer

May 1 – June 30

Graduating seniors who do not currently have a Wells Fargo account can receive a $50 bonus when they open a new eligible Wells Fargo consumer checking account and make 10 purchases and/or payments using their linked Wells Fargo Debit Card within 60 days of account opening. Ask your neighborhood banker for full details.

ExpressSend® Mother’s Day New Customer Fee Rebate

April 1 – June 30

New ExpressSend customers will automatically receive a rebate of their first transfer fee when they sign up for ExpressSend service and send an overseas transfer from their eligible account between April 1 and June 30, 2016. Limit one transfer fee rebate per customer.

College: Ready, Set, Go

April 1 – June 30

Current and new Wells Fargo customers can get a jump start on their college financing with the Get College Ready 0.25% interest rate discount on all new Wells Fargo private student loan applications from April 1 – June 30, 2016.

Learn about Wells Fargo’s resources at College Ready.Set.Go. including easy steps and tips to help prepare for college.

Wells Fargo private student loan and Student Center online sites include information about customer financing options.

Small Business Appreciation

April 1 – June 30

Spring is here and with it comes great opportunities to help our customers run their businesses more efficiently. Wells Fargo is offering 10% off for 12 months on business payroll processing services and a $250 rebate on new merchant services between April 1 and June 30, 2016. Your neighborhood Wells Fargo At Work banker can refer you to a small business specialist.

May is Military Appreciation Month

We recognize and thank our military service members and their families.

Wells Fargo has a history of making banking easier for our servicemen and servicewomen — wherever they are around the world. Wells Fargo offers our military service members financial discounts, money management tools, and specialized loan offers as they serve our country. Wells Fargo shows our commitment to the military with our Wells Fargo Worldwide Military Banking program, Military Mortgage Express, and Hands on Banking® for the military. (Click on these links to learn more.)

May Military Appreciation Month

May 6 Military Spouse’s Day

May 21 Armed Forces Day

May 30 Memorial Day

Special webinars are offered for servicemembers, veterans, and their families:

Webinars are no-cost but are limited to 200 seats per webinar. Advance registration for webinars is required. Click on this

link to register: and enter the appropriate Access Code: Mil1stHome, MilBudget, or MilCredit.

Times display in Central Time on the registration site, but clicking on “add appointment to Outlook” will load the webinar in Eastern Time. See schedule below.

Big image

Online financial education

Wells Fargo At Work provides ongoing financial education through no-cost online webinars.

Webinars are no-cost but are limited to 200 seats per webinar. Advance registration for webinars is required. Click on this

link to register: and enter the appropriate Access Code: STUDENT, 1stHOME, BUDGET or CREDIT.

Times display in Central Time on the registration site, but clicking on “add appointment to Outlook” will load the webinar in Eastern Time. See schedule below.

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