Revolutionary War Project

By Alissa 5-L

Stamp Act

All this began with tax.And we sill have tax today.The first tax King George attempted to put on the colonies was the Stamp Act.Have you heard of the saying "You made a mountain out if a gopher hill?" in my oppinion that is what the colonists did.The stamp below is the one used for this tax.
In this battle it is Patriots vs. Loyalists.The name says it all for the loyalists they are loyal to king George.The Patriots are un-loyal and want to govern them self.


''No taxation without representation!" whas the saying for the stamp act.

olive branch

The Olive Branch Petip wartion whas a letter sent to king George as a final attempet to stop war.He refused to read it.

Afrocan Americans in the war.

these pepole where figting with stics and clubes.

I have not yet begun to fight

on the seas a captan named Jlohl Paul Jones was loseing a battle.The brittish asked if he was going to surender,but he replied "I have not yet begun to fight" and he won the battle.