Coretta King Biography

Civil Rights Activist

Coretta King was born in Marion, Alabama on April 27, 1927.
Kings parents names are Obidah Scott, and Bernice Mcmurray Scott. Her siblings are named Edyth Scott Bagley, Eunice Scott, and Obidah Leonard.
She was married to Dr. Martin Luther king jr. She was married to him until she passed.
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Coretta King did have children. Her children are Martin Luther King lll (58), Dexter Scott (55), Yolanda King (51) (died in 2007), and Bernice King (52).


She went to Antioch College, New England Conservatory of music, Lincoln High School

Why is she famous?

Coretta King is famous because of her dedication to the peace movement. Also, her husband was Dr. Martin Luther King jr. She was an American Civil Rights activist.