Region 6 ESC CTE and CCMR

Perkins V Update

Good afternoon CTE administrators,

Late yesterday evening, we received information from the TEA regarding the Perkins V special collection SC5600, also known as the CLNA. The deadline for submitting the CLNA is now June 1, 2020. At this time, the deadline shift of the CLNA does not impact the available date for the Perkins V ADC and application.

Please see below the direct information provided to us from TEA. A newsletter is expected to be released early next week with additional information.

“The CLNA-Special Collection (SC) 5600 submission deadline has been extended until June 1, 2020, due to the impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

LEAs are encouraged to use any means necessary to engage stakeholders in the process. Stakeholder engagement could take place via phone, email, or a video conference if face-to-face meetings are not an option. I understand this engagement could be very challenging given the current situation, and all we can ask is for LEAs to make their best effort to involve their stakeholders in the completion of the CLNA. We encourage LEAs to complete and submit the CLNA prior to the extended deadline in order to prevent a delay with accessing the Perkins ADC and local application.”

Below are important dates:

· Perkins ADC is available on 5/15/2020 if the LEA has submitted the CLNA (SC5600) and the Formula Grants Consolidated Schedule (SC5003)

· The new deadline for submitting the CLNA is June 1, 2020 (extended deadline)

· Perkins local application opens on June 2, 2020

· Perkins local application submission deadline is September 3, 2020


· If an LEA waits to submit the CLNA until 6/1/2020, then the ADC will not be available on 5/15/2020

· Waiting until 6/1/2020 to submit the CLNA (SC5600) may delay access to the Perkins Local Application

Region 6 ESC remains open during this situation and we remain committed to providing you with the necessary support to get through this difficult time. If you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to Tally or Randy. We will be setting up remote support sessions for the completion of the CLNA. If you would like to get on our calendar for a support session please email us to schedule.


Tally and Randy

Region 6 ESC

Tally Jo Stout - Education Specialist - CTE/CCMR

Randy Lund - Education Specialist - CTE