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Week of April 27th, 2015

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Just Keep Swimming!!!

Who are you? Dori or Nemo's Dad? The answer we came up with is that we can be either on a given day. The key is having friends and colleagues around who can be your Dori when you need them. We all have tough days. We all have days where we just don't feel like swimming. What we know and love about the Lincoln family is that there is always somebody around with a smile and positive attitude ready to help you start swimming again.

As we move into May please remember that every moment with our students is important and precious. For some, the school day is the best part of their day. For some, the school day is the safest place. For some, we are all they have! As the year winds down please remember to make a difference by showing your "Dori" as often as you can and help all of those around you to continue swimming each day.

Yours in education,

~Holly and Jeff

Shout Outs!

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Click the link to check days that Annie will be here for your time with Annie :) I would like to see 1/2 hour - 1 hour increments and allow for 1/2 hour lunch break time.

The Week Ahead...

Friday, April 24th

Buddy Day (Work with your Buddy Teacher to schedule)

K & 2nd Late Start

Saturday, April 25th

Tri-County Regional Science Fair

Monday, April 27th

K-2 Library Week

Department Head @ 7:45 a.m.

Guerdan Morning Announcements

Holly Out-Technology Transformation

Tuesday, April 28th

3rd and 4th grade late start

Voss PAC lunch

4th grade internet safety presentation 1:30-2:30

Wednesday, April 29th

Voss PAC lunch

5th Grade internet safety presentation 1:30-2:30

Early release-Topic TBD

Thursday, April 30th

UHC enrollment forms due

1st and 5th grade late start

Voss PAC lunch

Clean Hands Save Lives-Nurses in the Cafeteria

Friday, May 1st

Bright Futures Project Prom Jeans Day $5

School Principals Day

K and 2nd late start

District Character Education meeting 10:00-12:00

Kari Lynn's Last Day with Intervention Groups

Monday, May 4th

Map testing continues:)

Teacher Appreciation Week-Schedule to follow soon!

3-5 Library week

M. Moore morning announcements

Melton Principal read 12:00

Tuesday, May 5th

Cinco De Mayo!

Holly Out Admin Meetings

3rd and 4th late start

4th grade City Museum Field trip

Geisendorfer Principal read 11:15

Adcock PAC lunch

Wednesday, May 6th

School Nurses Day

Adcock PAC lunch

M. Moore Principal read 1:50

Early Release-Curriculum Development

Thursday, May 7th

1st and 5th late start

Adcock PAC Lunch

Grimshaw Principal read 2:45

Pizza Hut Fundraiser night

Character Education meeting 3:45

PTO meeting 5:30

Friday May 8th

All books returned to Library

Closed personal day

3rd grade Department head meeting

K and 2nd late start

4th grade field day

5th Grade Field Trip to Rascals Game

2nd Grade Mother's Day Program @ 2:45 p.m.

Danback Principal read 2:45


Here are the PTO Mini Grant Recipients, your checks will be delivered Friday :)

Mrs. Guerdan-Storage

Mrs. Roettger-Storage

Mrs. Moore (K)-Storage

Mrs. Tidwell-iPod Nano

Mrs. Holder-i-Pad

Mrs. Troutman-Rug

Mrs. Grimshaw-Informational Text

Mrs. Harke-Materials to make stools

Mrs. Rust-Various Supplies for students

Mrs. Voss-Lapboards and stopwatches

Mrs. Moore (5th)-Stability Balls

Mrs. Palazzola-Easel, Sensory Items

Mrs. Jose-Technology License

Mrs. Stear-i-Pad

I am so grateful to have such a supportive PTO that helps to support our students AND teachers!


MAP Testing Began April 20th-will continue with whole group until May 7th-make-ups until May 14th

STAR Window-May 4th-15th

DIBELS all students according to Protocol

PTO is issuing Mini Grant Checks-Please make purchases and submit receipts to Edie

Begin working on Class Placements-Due May 12th

Grade Level Budget Requests Due by May 15th

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Let's Celebrate our April and May Birthdays!!!

Jill Meyers-April 30

Robyn Kopesky-May 1

Jeff Schultz-May 5

Lovanda Reynolds-May 10

Nancy Kelby-May 12

Kathy Schulte and Karen Sachs-May 15

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