Pinson Pal Newsletter

September 2016

September Themes and Skills

Reading/Science/Social Studies:
Close Read: Jessica/Five Senses

Close Read: Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus/Transportation

Close Read: Little Red Hen/Farm

Close Read: Mr Peabody's Apples /Apples

Phonemic Awareness Skills:


Isolating Initial Sounds

Nn, Cc

Oo, Dd

Hh, Ee

Rr, Ff

Sight Words:
see, a




Counting "How Many" within 10

Classifying and Counting Objects

Classifying and Counting Objects

Identifying and Describing Shapes

Things to Work on...

Below is a list of skills we have been working on at school.

Write his/her name: Your child should be able to write his/her name only capitalizing the first letter in their name.

Letters and Sounds: Your child should recognize the letters we have covered and be able to identify/produce the corresponding sound.

Identify and Produce rhyming words

Count syllables in spoken words

Numbers 0-5: Your child should recognize, be able to write, and count sets for the numbers 0-5.


Homework will be sent home each Monday and will be due the following Friday. The purpose of the work sent home will be to reinforce the skills being taught here at school. While your child may need assistance at times when completing his/her work, please encourage independence. All written work should be completed by the student. If at any time your child seems frustrated or the work takes more than 10-15 minutes a night to complete, please contact me so we can set up a plan to ensure your child has a positive homework experience.

Important Dates

Monday, September 5: Labor Day (Schools closed)

Wednesday, September 7 Progress Reports

Friday, September 9: Special Snack

Thursday, September 15: Early Dismissal @10:45

Wednesday, September 28: Field Trip to Gentry's Farm

Friday, September 30: End of first nine weeks