Weekly Update

for room 111

Reminders and Important Information

These next two weeks are have a lot going on! Below is a quick list of dates for your to know:

6/2: Shakespeare theater comes to SR to do an all-day workshop with the 4th grade

6/5: Spoutbots all day in the STREAM lab- we need volunteers or we will have to cancel this activity.

6/9: Field Day

6/12: End of the year party

6/15: Balboa Park field trip- more info to come

6/16: Last day of school (half day)

Spout Bots: Our STREAM lab will be hosting our class for a full day to build Spoutbots! We need parent support to make this possible. Please sign up here to work with our class in the STREAM lab and build Spoutbots! This is generally a 9:00-12:00 commitment on Monday, June 5th. Even if you can't stay the whole time, please sign up, we are flexible!

Field Day: Thank you Stephanie and Gabriela for organizing field day for our class. Everyone, let's all support our students and sign up here to volunteer for field day, Friday, June 9th.

Amazon Wish List: Thank you so much to everyone who has already purchased items from our wish list! I am blown away by your generosity. In case you would still like to buy some items, you can find the list here.

Student Life

Academics at a Glance

Reading: We will continue to read Maniac Magee in class, as well as Rules in small groups. Our focus will be internal and external struggles, and how to deal with them.

Writing: We are working on our hospital writing, finishing, editing, and adding pictures.

Math: We are continuing our multiply and measure unit. The kids are building gallon, quart, pint, and cup models to help them grasp how they fit together. We will also be starting our bridges project where students need to design and construct the strongest bridge possible while staying under budget.

Social Studies: We are starting on our unit on California in the Postwar Era: Immigration, Technology, and Cities. Here are the big questions to discuss with your child:

  1. How did California grow in the second half of the twentieth century compared to how it grew in the previous 100 years?
  2. Who came to California? What was it like for these newly arrived migrants compared to people who had lived in the state for many years?
  3. How did people shape their environments?
  4. What are some unresolved problems facing California today?

Have a great week,

Hanna Redo

Mrs. Redo's Class, Room 111

In room 111 we are dedicated to excellence! We always put first things first and try our hardest. We know that homework is just for practice and is never worth tears. This means we are only responsible for 40 min of trying our best and anything else can be taken care of at school. We know that our biggest rock in 4th grade is learning to be responsible for ourselves and taking ownership of our education and learning. If we always try our best, we know we will succeed.

Scholastic Class Code: PH3XC