Madison Warlick

Class of 2018, Outside Hitter and Defensive Specialist

Club Volleyball Highlights -- CAV 18 Silver

I wanted to update you on my great club volleyball season. Besides all the fun I had with my team we were able to enjoy some significant wins. 1st Place at the Shamrock Festival, 2nd Place at the Monument Classic, and 3rd Place in the Atlantic Coast Power League.

I also wanted to share my personal statistics from the season and provide you with an updated video from my latest tournament in Richmond Va. at the South Atlantic Championship.

I am looking forward to playing at the next level and I believe I can be an asset to your team. I look forward to talking with you about your school and volleyball program.

Competed in Eight Tournaments

Playing statistics listed below: This is the comment from the 18 Silver Team operations coach. He has been around volleyball for about 20 years.

"I’ve attached Madison's stats for the year. One thing that really stood out to me yesterday when we were refereeing the final match: those were two 16 year old teams playing, and Madison is at a completely different level than those players. Madison was hitting against players getting ready to play at top D1 schools next year. If she was playing against others her own age then her stats would be off the charts. I’d try to highlight that somehow, because it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison right now. Some facts to consider: Madison pushed herself to play in the toughest level of play, at the toughest age group. And she was a key contributor (look at the number of contacts logged for her this season in the stat file: over 1500 which is almost 11% of the total contacts). And she still has two more years. Could you imagine Madison playing on the court in that playoff match we officiated yesterday? It would be really obvious that she didn’t belong with those players because she is so much better."

Enjoy the recruiting process. It really can be fun.

-Greg B.

Contact information is:

Madison Warlick

3220 Turnberry Circle

Charlottesville VA 22911