The Ancient Olympics Editorial

By: Ryan Basileo Oct. 13, 2016


This was a primitive form of martial art combining wrestling and boxing, and was to be considered one of the toughest sports. An awful scene happened once in the event when two men were battling and one was kicked rock solid in the neck. Knocked out and went into a coma. An ambulance rushed to the scene immidately and hurried him to the hospital. The opponent felt worse than anyone. He visited him in the hospital every day after the incident until he was out. He could not get the scee out of his head. "It was a terrible mistake, he was leaned over as he dodged a punch of mine, and as he came up i threw a kick and it cracked him right in the neck. An accident, honest. I was disqualified from the next match because of the scene and I feel I deserved it." , the innocent man said, fans and citizens hated him ever since the incident but some were still on his side. The fans and citizens wanted him banned from the ancient olympics for life but that never happened and he competed at the next games. The fans and citizens were not happy with this and many did not attend the games he was performing in and many did not watch the games that year.