Class of 2017 March Update

Count Down to Spring Break!

Spring Break begins March 15th at 9:00am

Students must be out of their Residential Communities by March 15th at 9:00am. At this time, RAs will be performing Health and Safety Checks and ensuring that you and your community members are not violating your housing contracts or the Code of Student Conduct.

Halls Close: SATURDAY 3/15 9:00am
Halls Open: SUNDAY 3/23 9:00am

Students who are on Leadershape, Breakaway, or are hear for athletic purposes may be staying, leaving late, or returning to campus early if they filled out the necessary paperwork by the deadline. The deadline was March 7th at 12pm.

Things to remember about leaving for Spring Break:

1) Bring all your belongings with you. DENISON IS CLOSED-You will not be allowed back in your room to get your belongings after 9:00am on 3/15. Please bring all the clothes you need, any medication you need, your PASSPORT if you are traveling, your Driver's license. It is your responsibility to pack what you need.
2) Residence Halls Close at 9:00am on 3/15. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3) Residence Halls Open at 9:00am on 3/23. This is a SUNDAY. If you come back early, Denison will still be closed and you will spend the night in a hotel
4) Bring your fish home-no one will be here to feed them :)
5) Be sustainable and turn off your lights and unplug all electronics (with the exception of your fridge-you can keep this plugged in)
6) Lock your door!

Housing Lottery Registration Ends 3/24. Don't Delay! Register Today!

These students simply want you to be informed about lottery. Watch this video, learn about lottery, and enjoy your housing lottery experience!

Housing updates for 2014-2015 @Denison

Safe Spring break Tips:

On the road…
Buckle up, disco dancers! Also take turns behind the wheel, and whoever sits shotgun should stay awake to keep the driver company. Make sure everyone has a valid driver’s license and the vehicle registration is in the car before driving off.

While drinkin’…

Do us all a favor (including yourself) and party smart. Be responsible. Pace yourself if you choose to drink, and avoid hard alcohol or other drinks that are powerful and have fast effects. (And remember that drunks = easy targets.) Also be aware of alcohol poisoning. According to a University of Wisconsin study, 75 percent of college males and 43 percent of females reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. If you do decide to drink, know the liquor laws of wherever you’ll be vacationing. Drinking & driving is always a dangerous situation, so avoid this by having your safe mode of transportation home planned before you go out. Click here for more tips and facts about drinking alcohol at the BACCHUS website.

Access a helpful tool right from your cell phone by visiting B4UDrink.Mobi and estimate BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels anywhere and everywhere you take your mobile phone.

On the beach…
Drinking + sun can equal a bad sunburn and an even worse hangover. Sun can maximize the effects of alcohol so keep this in mind if you party on the beach. Take it slow and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you start feeling faint or light headed, get shade and water immediately. And don’t be a lobster..use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and reapply often. Pay extra special attention to ears, nose, face and shoulders. Fair skinned friends should wear sunglasses and even a hat. Avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the sun’s rays and remember you can burn even when it’s cloudy.

For more spring break tips:

When you come back from Spring Break, you have 6 weeks until Final Exams...

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