Irish Texans

By Akhil D. 5th period

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Irish Trivia

1. At what battle was Irish Woman Peggy McCormick's land used?

2. Which famous Texans are of Irish origin?

A) Sam Houston

B) Jim Bowie

C) Mirabeau Lamar

D) Edwin Moore

E) Stephen F. Austin

3) What basketball team represents the Irish?

Significant Individuals

Hugh O'Connor (Hugo O'conor)

One of the many important Irish Texans includes Hugh O'Connor. O'Connor was born in Dublin in 1732. In his later life, O'Connor got in trouble with officials, and he traveled to Spain to join the army. After serving in several places for the army, Hugh moved to Texas. In 1770, Hugh served as governor of Texas. O'Connor attended the laying of the cornerstone at the San Jose Mission Church.

Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and Chief Bowles include a few famous Texans of Scottish-Irish descent

Philip Nolan

Another famous individual is Philip Nolan. Nolan was of Irish descent, and he was the first Anglo American to map Texas.


James Hewetson, James Power, John McMullen, and James McGloin were the first Irish Texans to get an Empresario Contract.

Peggy McCormick

Peggy McCormick owned land in San Jacinto named the McCormick league. This in fact, was the land where the battle of San Jacinto occurred. Mrs. McCormick, an Irish-Woman, was not at her home during the battle. Once she returned to her land, she saw tons of bodies, and realized, that there had been a battle, Peggy found Sam Houston, and angrily ordered him to bury the bodies. Houston coolly refused, and Mrs. McCormick was forced to bury them.

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Push Factors

In the early times, the Irish lost the Battle of Kinsdale, Ireland. Their land was token over, and they immigrated to America. Over time, the country became wracked by economic oppression, and the country sent settlers to Texas. The English reign held in Ireland for generations, and soon many came to Texas.
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Pull Factors

The Irish have always left their homeland in search of fortune, so when their home country of Ireland was in despair, Irish settlers looked to Texas, which was a new growing state of Mexico, in which they could escape the pressures of the English rein.

Culture Highlight

One of the most celebrated Irish holidays is St.Patrick's day. The holiday is celebrated nationally. Shamrocks, and the color green are often worn on St. Patrick's day. Some of the cultural activities that Irish people enjoy include, Irish dancing, and Gaelic Football. The Leprechaun appears often in Irish and Celtic Folklore. Common cliche's tied to the leprechaun include the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and the three granted wishes, when caught. The languages the Irish people speak include Irish language, Irish Sign Language, Hiberno-English, Northern Ireland Sign Language, Ulster Scotts Language, and Shelta Language.

Analysis Part 1

To this day, many people are Irish in Texas, whether being directly from Ireland, or having a history of Irish ancestors. In fact, half of Texas' Anglo American population can trace it's family history back to Irish people. I think that the Irish immigrating to Texas has a lot to do with Texas' independence from Mexico, because during the Battle of San Jacinto, 1/7 of the soldiers were Irish. If that 1/7 were not there, the outcome may have been different, changing the course of history. Also, if half of the Anglo population is an Irish descendant, then half of the population would not have been in Texas, and the battles of the revolution may have never occurred, again changing the course of history.

Analysis Part 2

I think that Texas is better of because of the Irish Immigration, because of what the Irish brought to Texas. I think that we would be a Mexican state if the Irish did not come to Texas. I think that the main reason for this is the amount of people that left Ireland for Texas, and this helped Texas gain more power. This power was especially shown during battles that led to the Treaty of Velasco. The statistics have proven that the Irish have fought in almost every battle of the Texas Revolution.