Oh Sunny Days!

The flowers you planted are ready to bloom!

Dear 1st Impressions Team,

After 9 rainy days here in New England, the sun is finally shining again! With sun comes HAPPINESS in people. And with HAPPINESS, many-a-show can be booked!

I'm actually happy that I can't get on the lounge until this afternoon (S&D is doing a platform update) because I won't get distracted and therefore will make more time to just call people to offer style sessions. How refreshing to actually talk with people instead of just emailing and hoping they get back to us.


8:30pm - 8:50pm: NEW STYLISTS (& their Sponsorers): Join me for tips on how to maximize your Jumpstart and to ask any questions. I'm excited to help you launch strong!

9pm - 9:30pm: Join our SPECIAL TEAM COMBO CALL with Executive Director Zandra Gay and her Opals Team! We'll share our top tips on leveraging our May opportunities of the book launch/QVC and how to work past any obstacles!

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Remember all those people you've reached out to over the past few months who haven't committed or gotten back to you? Well, THOSE are the seeds you planted which are now ready bloom with answers. Make sure to call them back and offer up a fun spring styling session.

My trunk show pipeline is NOT where I want it so I'm planning on making 10 booking calls each day this week. If I call 50, hopefully I'll book 4+. Then, I'll be feeling great about my business.

Reasons for why to book in May:

  • Friends can be the first to see the new summer collection!
  • People are happy with the warmer weather so its a great reason to get together.
  • June is a busy month with end-of school so let's grab people before their schedules get nutty.
  • We're on the national media constantly this month with Jessica promoting her book. Let's show the friends what this collection is all about.
  • Graduations, birthdays, teacher gifts, spring style
  • And don't forget to plan a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ with a little stylish fun as well!

Strategy for booking June dates:

  • 1st 2 weeks of the month book with moms before the kids get out of school.
  • Weeks 3-4 book with empty nesters, women in their 20s, vendors, real estate agents, shows in offices, etc.
  • Book as many in June as you can as there could be a Dot Dollar promotion.

(This is one of our customers' favorite promotions. I don't know for sure if this is going to happen but for the past few years S&D has implemented this: for each $50 a customer spends during a certain time frame in June, she'll have $25 Dot Dollars to use in late June/early July (she can add a $25 code to each $50 she spends. This is a GREAT way to get sales in for June and early July which are usually slower sales weeks.)

KEY: As the stylist expert, you need to guide the hostesses to book their shows in sooner than later (this will help your business!). If a hostess insists on booking for July or August, great! Just make sure to keep sending them warm emails or texts every once in a while so they don't lose interest. You might also set up an online Facebook show for them to get orders in before their show happens.

Invite your Prospective Stylists to TONIGHT's Facebook Online MSD:

Make it a great day!



Star Director & Founding Leader