Thursday - Module 16 - Recording

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Module 16: Recording *Due Sunday, May 8
READ: Module 16.1-16.6: Recording
ASSIGNMENT: Module 16.7: Your're The Producer

Greetings Everyone!

Today I would each and every one of you to look ahead and read the requirements for your Final Project in Module 17, and then CHOOSE what you are going to do so you can begin getting a plan in your head about it. This is something you NEED to spend time on so please plan this out and don't hesitate to talk with me if you need to. Keep up the great work!


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask and I will be happy to help!

Have a great day!
Mrs. Moncrief
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Have You Chosen You Final Project Yet?


Option 1 Commercial: Create a 30 second commercial, using recording software, it needs to have a soundtrack and

a minimum of two other tracks. One of these tracks must be voice. The other can be another voice track or instrument. You may use as many as you need for sound effects or whatever you wish. The commercial is for one of these two products Flying Cow Yogurt or Dinosaur Adventure Theme Park.

Option 2: Create and record an original song or podcast using the software you have or in a recording studio. Use techniques discussed and outlined in the readings in Module 16. The song can be of any length because it is original. It can be with lyrics or without.If a sample is used it can only be 30 seconds in length or you will be in violation of copyright whether you are making money or not that is the rule. For this project only 1 sample will be allowed.

Option 3 - Personal Manager: You are hired as the manager for a local group that you have known about and followed loyally for the last two years. The band is called “The Can of Worms”. You are tasked with solving 4 problems/issues the band has when you become their personal manager.

Option 4 - Term Paper: It Must Contain the following: 1) Overview of the Music Business - History 2) What makes an artist a success? 3) What is a Personal Manager? 4) What is an Agent? How do you get one to notice you? 5) What is meant by the Recording Industry? 6) What happens in a recording studio? How does the recording get made? 7) What is the publishing industry and how does it differ from the recording industry? 8) What is meant by copyright? How do you get copyright and through what government department? 9) What is meant by touring and what is the reason for merchandising? 10) How do royalties work? 11) Tell all you can about how Music is made and recorded for the movies?