How you can protect your children

What is Bullying??

"Bullying is an abuse of power. Victims are usually smaller, younger, weaker, outnumbered, or simply less confident and popular. Bullies may call them names, ridicule their appearance or behavior, scornfully imitate their speech, force them off the playground, steal their lunch money or possessions." (Bullies)

What are the consequences of bullying??

Victims tend to suffer depression. It is likely that these children will be shy and have low self-esteem. These effects are not temporary but tend to follow these children throughout their lives. Bullies tend to grow up be abusive and more-likely to engage in criminal activity. For these reasons it is important that bullying be stopped as soon as possible, to avoid patterns that follow both the victims and bullies into their adult lives.

What can you do as a parent??

Always encourage your child to be a friend to all

If they see someone being bullied, tell them to speak up

If your think that your child is a victim, encourage them to talk to you, along with a teacher or school counselor.

If your child is a bully, have them evaluated. A chemical imbalance may be the cause of their actions. Regardless, talking with a professional may help them to deal with their emotions in a better way

STOP BULLYING! a short Film


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