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Dutch Fork Elementary, Title One, Nov. 13, 2014

4th Grade Musical A Hit!

What an amazing job our 4th graders did performing their musical centered on the theme of recycling! Not only did our class do a wonderful job entertaining and educating the audience, but they also impressed all with their impressive set designs all done during our 2 week intensive art class! Bravo!

Here is another great resource for extra help with math!

Progress Reports and Permission Slips

Students brought home progress reports and permission slips today in their VIP folders. As we are alternating science and social studies every 4-5 weeks, there have not been any grades to enter for social studies this 2nd quarter (last 2 weeks). We will pick up social studies Nov. 17, with studying the mystery surrounding the lost colony of Roanoke! Please be sure to return the progress report with parent/guardian signature as well as permission slip and lunch form. Nov. 24 will be here before you know it and we want to make sure all slips are returned:)

This week in class:

Math- two digit by two digit multiplication with regrouping using a variety of methods: estimation, distributive property, partial product and the traditional method. The video below is a great review of the traditional algorithm used for multi-digit multiplication.

Reading- Content (astronomy) reading comprehension and prefix word work

Science- Studying moon and its effect on earth (Astronomy Test Nov. 21)

Writing- Developing an essay from our "essay map", setting the scene, using descriptive words, and using a variety of transition words and phrases to make our writing more interesting.

Math Antics - Multi-Digit Multiplication Pt 2

Nutcracker Ballet

Wednesday, Nov. 26th, 10am

1703 Taylor St

Columbia, SC

Please let me know if you would like tickets for you and your student to attend the Carolina Ballet's Nutcracker, Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 10:00am. A dear friend of mine has secured tickets for anyone in our class that would like to attend and also has arranged for a back stage behind the scenes tour. I just need to let her know soon how many tickets we will need. Just send me an email or note if you'd like to attend.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.