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March 2014 (January & February Results)

Happy March, Believers!

Spring will be here before you know it! If you have spent the winter months hibernating (lol) now is the time to SPRING back into action! With the awesome March & April customer specials along with our amazing Recruiting Incentive going on through March 15th, there are so many reasons to get in touch with past customers & hostesses. AND, with National Conference just around the corner, you can be earning conference stars with each party you hold! Who wants to go to conference for FREE?! Stay tuned on our team FB page for updates about conference & if you are not in our team FB group - join us!

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Check out who's been working their business!



#1 Traci Johnston $1,050.50 ~ #2 Ellen Mahaffey $945.00 ~ #3 Anna Miller $810.50

Rebecca Hatfield $627.00

Brittany Gothard $587.00

Samantha Ward $484.00

Leslie Bolinger $471.50

Danielle Russell $426.50

Christina Curry $373.50

Gale Caylor $301.50

Jeannie Belew $283.00

Kelly Hill $217.00

Kristie Wallis $205.00

Windy Huskin $205.00


Kristie Wallis - 1

Erica Southerland - 1

Laci Carroll - 1



#1 Danielle Russell $2,423.00 ~ #2 Katie Boleware $1,448.00 ~ #3 Mary McMahan $1,324.00

Gale Caylor $1,249.00

Kristie Wallis $1,137.00

Rebecca Hatfield $804.00

Ellen Mahaffey $767.00

Brittani Lowery $759.00

Kimberly Graybeal $555.00

Kristen Phillips $531.00

Theresa Murr $524.00

Summer Lenz $500.00

Tabitha Vincent $447.00

Nicole Clark $358.00

Anna Miller $317.00

Kendre Cunningham $241.00

Char-Lee Roberts $235.00

Jenna Myers $230.00

Cheryl Williams $222.00

Janet Noble $215.00

Samantha Ward $206.00


Danielle Russell - 1


Kristie Wallis, Senior Consultant - $6471.00

Gale Caylor, Director - $4982.00


You are qualified! Woohoo!

Congrats to the following ladies who are now QUALIFIED consultants (they have reached their first $1000 in sales!)

Katie Boleware

Mary McMahan

Rebecca Hatfield

Upcoming Events (Get your calendar out!)

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All About Conference Facebook Event - Sunday, 3/2 @ 9pm

Monthly Conference Call - Monday, 3/3 @ 9pm

Potential Recruit Call - Monday, 3/10 @ 9pm

Potential Recruit Facebook Event - Wednesday, 3/12 @ 8:30pm

Start Strong Facebook Training (for newbies) - Friday, 3/14 @ 8:30pm

Monthly Facebook Training - Monday, 3/17 @ 8:30pm

Potential Recruit Call - Monday, 3/24 @ 9pm

Potential Recruit Facebook Event - Wednesday, 3/26 @ 8:30pm

Start Strong Call (for newbies) - Wednesday, 4/2 @ 9pm

C&C Meeting Sevierville - Saturday, 4/5 @ 10am (pre-registration required - see TOT)

C&C Meeting Knoxville - Saturday, 4/5 @ 3pm (pre-registration required - see TOT)

Conference Call Info. (the same for all calls)

605-475-4700, access code - 669097#

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Senior Consultant - 12/31/08

Director - 9/30/09

Senior Director - 9/30/11

(Executive Director - Very Near Future!)

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