By Riley Edwards

What is snorkelling?

Snorkelling is a fun recreational sport for most ages varying from young teens to adults. Snorkelling allows swimmers to view sea life with a minimum of equipment and skill, but does require a minor amount of safety at times.

List of Equipment

To snorkel in any types of conditions you will need atleast these:




Swimming gear (wetsuit is recommended in colder water)

Diving skills

Equalization: Equalization is necessary while diving as it stops bringing pain to your ears. The way to equalize out your ears is to before you leave the surface, pinch your nose then gently force a little air to the ears which if done properly should prevent pain in your ears.

Buoyancy: Buoyancy can be deminished by weight belts.

Overall skills

Getting in and out of water: To get into water properly you pin drop and to get out you can grab up onto something and pull yourselfi up with the force of moving your feet.

Finning: Finning can be done by moving your feet up and down while wearing flippers on.

Duck diving: Dive head first under water while swimming.

Clearing your snorkel: There are many ways to do this such as placing your snorkel in bleach or other chemicals. This can also be done with the mask.